March 27, 2004

Shakespeare my ass

ASL8BB: I have a website!!!

you can also look at my archived version of homestar at

andd my blog at

and my new email at
BigDog6700: yep
BigDog6700: hey!
ASL8BB: hey
BigDog6700: I have the same website!
ASL8BB: whats up man
BigDog6700: nm, u?
BigDog6700: Hate Shakespeare
BigDog6700: sooooooooo
ASL8BB: nice same here
BigDog6700: verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy
BigDog6700: muccccccchhhhhhhh
BigDog6700: But soft! What light through yondewr window breaks?
BigDog6700: It is the east, and Juliet is the Sun!
BigDog6700: Arise fair sun, and Kill the envious moon
BigDog6700: who is already sick and pale with grief
ASL8BB: hahaha
BigDog6700: That thou, her maid, art more fair than she
BigDog6700: be not her maid, for she is envious
BigDog6700: and her vestal livery(?) is but sick and green
BigDog6700: And none but fools do wear it! Cast it off!
BigDog6700: O it is my lady o it is my love! o that she knew she were!
BigDog6700: she speaks, yet she says nothing... what of that?
BigDog6700: Her eye discourses, I will answer her...
BigDog6700: I am to bold
ASL8BB: kit calm down lol
BigDog6700: I have to have it memorized by tommorow
BigDog6700: tis not to me she speaks
BigDog6700: two of the fairest stars in all the heavens having some buisness of their own doth entreat her eyes to sparkle in their spheres
BigDog6700: until they return
Posted by Kickmyassman at March 27, 2004 08:56 PM
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