April 02, 2004

Does anybody want a blog?

I think I can give like 20 ppl blogs, anybody want one? I'm still just thinking about this so don't expect too much. Anyway, you seen those AOL Top Speed commercials? You know, the ones where they go...
"We can rebuild him... better than he was before....
Bigger, faster, stronger............
NEW AOL TOP SPEED! We finally caught up to Netzero and Earthlink, than gave you the exact same product that we've been selling for years! YES! WOOOOOOOOO!!"
Wait.... that last part isn't there, but it really needs to be. It's kind of funny how NetZero and Earthlink offer the exact same product, except for they started about two years ago, and it doesn't require the bullshit interface like AOL. Also, the spam blocker from AOL has one major problem, it doesn't just block the addresses you choose to block, but it blocks all of the people from a domain. Like, you try and block asshole@yahoo.com But, unintentionally, you just blocked everyone from yahoo.com... Few people relize that. Yep, AOL sucks ass. Hey, you know what. Here, have some free pranks...... Actually, these are kinda evil. You'll have to e-mail me.

Posted by Kickmyassman at April 2, 2004 11:47 PM
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