April 05, 2004

I've done some research and...

This is alway good for a laugh, did you know, that a computer with a 3.4ghz hyper threaded computer runs at the exact same speed as a computer with a 2ghz processor? The sad thing is, is that the only time a hyperthreaded comp out preforms any other computer, is when it's compressing a video in the backround! It's sad... You don't believe me?! Here! Look! try this! Another example, have you ever looked at te boxes of AMD Athlon processors? The box says "Runs at 3.4ghz!!!!!*" then the star at the bottom says "*Actual processing speed is about 2.0ghz, but when compared to similar products at the same speeds this processor out preformed them. " or something very similar. Anyway, this leads me to my pont, hate intel! yes, that's right, hate intel! Want to know why? They have the ability to offer us up to 24ghz computers at a price lower than the current price! BUT for some reason (more than likely a wish to not have to upgrade machines) they refuse to release this technology! WOW, WHAT ASSHOLES!

A note for those that are really, very angry... although all that I have told you is true, you do have to understand that releasing these new processors would require a revamp of almost all our current technology. They would need to make new motherboards and such to integrate with the new processor so it's really not so evil of them to do this, it's just their problem is that they would need to train new people to repair this new technology and they're scared of what that would mean! They don't really quite see the slump that the computer industry is in. But the moment that this new technology is released, everyone will need to buy new computers, new software, and new everything! So it would really be a total revamp! Not just a home by home thing. So don't be too angry.

Posted by Kickmyassman at April 5, 2004 09:34 PM
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