May 25, 2004

I insane am going to day to do am do huh

I have really been doing nothing but playing jumper for the past two days. Leave it be, it's a game made by satan...

Posted by Kickmyassman at May 25, 2004 05:15 PM

ms. pac-man is a game made by satan.


then there was the japanese

(derivative of japanese Paku, the sound of the opening of the mouth)

Akabei, Pinky, Aosuke, and Guzuta!

but they changed the name because of america's facination with changing first letters of words to create other words!

Posted by: louie at May 26, 2004 11:48 PM

rather, puck-man came first, then pac-man, then ms.pac-man, then pac-man plus, then super pac-man, then pac-man jr., then pac-Land, then pac-Mania, then baby pac-Man, then professor pac-man, then hangly-man. YAY.

thanks to wikipedia

Posted by: louie at May 26, 2004 11:51 PM
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