August 12, 2004


     Sup everybody (yep, all 6 of you), sorry bout the lack of udate yesterday. But unfortunately after working from 6 to 11, and then getting home at 11:30, not only was I tired, but the internet was down. So after desparately trying to get the internet working for bout an hour I went to bed, updateless. But, as I just said, since really only like 6 people read this somehow I doubt that anybody really cares. But! On to the post!
     Yup, yesterday blew. It was kinda nice cause I finished all the "long term" work I had to do, but it was still work, and a lot of it. But after the people who's computer I fixed fed me dinner I was hard pressed to stay angry at them for no apparent reason. So after mentally exaughting myself trying to get the 450,000 things they needed to have done to their network to get it woking, I had more issues and then the issues had issues than one of the computers imploded for no apparent reason then the military guys burst in and it turned out to be a group of crazy revolutionaries who wanted pieces of suburbia for themselves. So after I killed the crazy revolutionaries (I actually just explained the inherent flaws in communism and their faces imploded) I kicked the evil issue ninja who lived in side their computer (actually I just said hey wait you don't exist! and he went I don't? and dissaperred).
     So that was the fun fun day I had yesterday (I'll never get the blood out of my t-shirt!), but it actually sucked, and I never want a job doing in-home computer it ever again. Then of course I came home to udate my blog and it turned out the the computer issue ninja hadn't really dissaperred (fuck I'm spelling that wrong aren't I?), but he'd actually gone to the computer issue ninja master and found out that he did exist and that the reason he had doubted himself was because he actually was meant to be on my computer. Not on the computer I was working on. So he stabbed me in the shins whenever I got to close to proving that verizon couldn't care less that I had important blog related work to do, and so now my ankles hurt. And that was yesterday.
     Today nothing happened.
     Tommorow, I go to California.
     In the near future, giant radioactive cats of doom? Only time will tell.
This was when I was finishing one of those "long term" projects
It was a person, now it's an egg
Mothers Against Raw Milk (MARM)
He just saw something he wasn't meant to see
Listen to Uncle Road Rage!
His pupils (irises?) didn't look right, so now he's a zombie
Huzaa for zombie
to make up for the lack of eyes in the last two doodles: here
I'm sure by "fight" she meant "argument," but I just thought it seemed funny.

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 12, 2004 05:41 PM

your mom catching you "Finish some work" at 1:30 am? what is that supposed to mean? lol

Posted by: Louie at August 15, 2004 02:33 AM

Louie... if there were ever a time when you seemed more like an internet nerd who spends time making fun of grammer, you'd be hard pressed to find it. I was "finishing" some work (I had someone drop off a laptop to have me re-vamp)and I stayed up till 1:30 am working on it.

Posted by: kit at August 16, 2004 02:33 AM
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