August 16, 2004

If there were ever a more un-original title.....

     Well, I'm still in California, if you didn't already guess. So far it's been a fairily pleasant trip (but my dad is still turning everything into an argument and generally being bitter), but besides that I've enjoyed the like 5 minutes that I haven't been spending spastically running around. I finally got my old megaman X game back (it's been sitting up in my grandma's house for 2 years now, along with an snes and a couple other games) and I realized that it's probibly one of my all time favorite games ever. I know like every curve of the game (every friggin' retarded secret the damn programmers could imagine to hide in a game) and I beat the whole game in about an hour with only four lives lost. I got to see my sister who's been working at Miramax and CNN all summer (even though I technically did see her during my time in Michigan it wasn't nearly as exciting as L.A.) and she was telling me about how she's actually temping as the boss now because like 96.7% of Miramax was fired when Disney refused funding after several scuffles with the guys who run Miramax.
     What else, what else?! Ummmmmm... I'm kinda bummed cause I can't read all my webcomics (the like 15 that I now regularly read) cause at my grandma's house she has dial-up and the pictures are outragously high quality on most sites. I'm also kinda pissed cause my grandma's computer kick's some major ass even though she has no idea how to use it and her accountant refuses to use it cause she doesn't like how overly high tech it is (she's used to using a computer that's so old it has no hard-drive and instead uses two floppy disks (you know the old "floppy" floppy disks!) one has the program and the other has the data!) and so this awesome (well, not amazing, but it's a hell of a lot better than my crappy (but awesome!) computer that I regularly use!) computer goes to total waste. I have to stop using so many parentesies. That's pretty much all that's happened with me. I've been watching a lot of Anime, and I have like 15 movies that I brought with me. And I plan on playing a lot of Mario RPG. All right, I'm done. Oh, and just so that you know why these updates are happening so late at night, it's cause I'm three hours behind you people. So I'm updating this at 11:48PM, whereas for you, it's now 2:48AM So that's why these are late. Allrightgoodnight!

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