September 10, 2004

Harumph. Blog: A Blessing or a Curse?

     Well everyone, I'm gonna try and do a good length entry today, but I don't have all that much to write about. *Big Breath* Okay, here we go:
     Well, I know that recently I've kinda been treating my blog as a burden and not something I do for fun. But it's because I haven't really been up to par this week. Really, I've been feeling weird this whole summer. It all started when I started my regimine of going to sleep at three am and waking up at two in the afternoon. Since I didn't wake up early enough for breakfast and I don't normally eat till the second meal after I got up... I normally just ate dinner. Nothing else. Now, up until I started working, this was fine cause I didn't really get to much excercise so I didn't really need much food. But then I started my swimming lessons (note: I was the instructor, not the student), so I was getting a lot of laps in everyday and generally working out quite a bit. But after work ended at noon (note: it started at seven) I went straight to Whitman to work on my community service hours by working on the school network. Now, at school the schedual fluxates quite a bit, so I could stay anywhere between five minutes, to five hours. Normally the latter. And so since it took me about a half an hour to get home, I didn't really get home till five-thirty. So I got home around dinner anyway, after a goodly amount of excercise and brain work. I'm living on dinner. Well, I guess my body just adjusted because it never really bothered me and I don't really snack, so I just kept living on dinner.
     When work ended, Driver's Ed began and that ran from right after I got up to noon, and since that was already at Whitman I just stayed there till five again. The first time I really noticed that I'd stopped eating? Well, it was right after I went to California. Really, I just didn't eat till dinner. Sometimes I'd have a bowl of cereal, but I couldn't really get anything big down either. So even at my once-daily meals, I wasn't eating much. Sure, I still wasn't excercising very much, but it was a tad disconcerting. So after I got back, and school got started, I started skipping breakfast. No big deal, I never really have eaten breakfast before. I ate lunch just like usual. But when I get home everyday, my stomach feels really full when dinner rolls around. I can't even eat a full steak. Let alone sides. Half an enchilada is more than enough for me.
     Now this is when I started getting disturbed. Normally most people would be really happy they don't eat as much, but I've always had enormous appetite! I even used to snack, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then dessert! But now I can only finish lunch. In fact, eating dinner really makes me feel overly full, like sick full. Which isn't really how I'm used to operating. In addition to that I haven't really been getting enough sleep as of late (for obvious reasons) so writing my blog before bed in addtion to homework and real work is really a pain right now. But enough about my problems! What you guys want is the doodles!
     Huzaa for doodles! Recently, in Mr. Elsteins class, I realized that I already know the answers to the questions he asks so I can pretty much ignore him till he asks a question. So, in my spare time in his class, I've taken to doodling. Now, today specifically, I really should say that I doodled the whole day through, but whatever. Here's the stuff:
Okay, so after my first period math test I was bored, so boredom struck, and won.
Huzaa! Eyeballs!
That mullet scared me...
My attempt at drawing Sylvia and Alex, who are both in my japanese class.
Okay imagine this!
You're watching an episode of the apprentice (a show which I've never watched except that scene where he says: You're fired!) and Donald Trump is about to say his signature line when the other person goes:
"Screw you bitch! I quit!"
And Donald Trump goes:
"But you were mean to let me say... hrrrrrrrrgggggk!"
Gratuitously long transformation sequence...

Posted by Kickmyassman at September 10, 2004 11:00 PM

Your metabolism has slowed down. Thats kinda bad, cause it means you wont have as much energy, u should probably try eating more and definately eating breakfast to speed it up. but enough for nutritional education, i really want to play half life 2. This is the end of the most pointless comment ever.

Posted by: Andrew at September 11, 2004 12:18 AM

I think you and I switched metabolisms?

Posted by: Rebecca at September 12, 2004 10:37 PM
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