September 21, 2004


     So, I guess it technically wasn't an "insult" per se? But it's still pretty bad that he was able to say anything. Point being, yesy, it's true... for the first time in about a month I busted my "once daily" blog entries. Really, like I said, it was a lack of time and material. Sigh... I know I don't have to make excuses to you, but I still feel like it was a break in trend that really shouldn't have happened. Anyway, I have some stuff to say today (fortunately) which is somewhat interesting. And, if I feel up to it I may post another story. Which is by far my darkest yet.
     So anyway, what happened yesterday was I went to see a Native American cultural show type thing. The reason we went was because my Mom agreed to host a few of them while they're here. Wait, this is getting to confusing: I'll start over, from the beginning.
     So about four years ago the govn't approved a new Native American museum to be built on the mall in D.C. which is the last possible spot to put anything on the mall at all! So today, they actually opened it, and there were over 500 different tribes there all welcoming the new museum as happy as could be. But, now to explain where I come in:
     About two weeks ago, we learned that the Ute tribe had a tie to my Mom's school, and the school offered to have them stay for the opening of the museum. Well, my mom decided to have a couple of them bunk here and so I got to meet them and whatnot (I even saw them on TV! How awesome is that!), and we also got free admittion (I don't know how to spell that!) to a mini cultural-fest where we watched them dance and cook and speak and whatever. It was pretty cool. My favorite was this girl who came out in a dress covered with bells so the every time she jumped: JINGLE JANGLE JONGLE! So anyway, on the news tonight, I saw them dancing in the streets and it was very cool. Besides that not too much is up except schooly place and whatnot, but not too much to speak about on that repect anyway.
     As far as I'm concerned the only really mildly interesting thing that's happening is that I special ordered Negima volume 2 at Barnes and Noble and it finally came in, but now I have to actually get there at some point this week or it goes back to the shelves. Ugh, I may even have to pull out my bike. And for those of you who don't already know the back brakes are permenantly semi-locked up so riding my bike is a real workout nowadays. Oi.

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