September 23, 2004

Negima vol 2 was good, as was Azumanga Daioh

     So tell me: Have you ever seen the marvelous breadfish? Then you must! Click the link below to see it. (Note, this was stolen from here).

     So anyway, if you were suprised by yesterday's cop out you weren't alone, I was too. I actually had stuff to say it was just kinda writers block/time issues which made me feel too iffy about puttin up a full blown but rushed and stupid entry. Anyway, yesterday is what was exciting so yesterday will be the main focus of today's post.
     So yesterday was the last day that the Native American people were in the house so we had a big dinner upstairs and it was fun. The really cool part was when they all started pulling out gifts for Mom for letting them stay and it was like a really cool Native American vase and a moccasin and all sortsa crap. And then this one lady showed us what she had been making which was a hand beaded purse which had a picture of like three humming birds and a coupla flowers and it was really detailed and made with beads that must've been designed to be used on single hairs. It was awesome! I wish I'd taken a picture actually... Then they left this morning and that was that.
     Anyway, now on to slightly more current events, on the news they recently noted that some dude on his blog noted an issue on the news and posted it. And some other guys who had blog read it and posted it, until there was a huge number of people and everyone knew that there had been some glaring mistake on the news at some point. Anyway, on the news yesterday, they commented on how the "bloggers" (as we now seem to be called) were made out to be the check (like checks and balances for the supreme court and the president and all that?! you know?!) on the news media. Which, oddly enough puts me in a rather odd light. I don't really think of myself as some political avenger: fighting to keep that media from being wrong! But it was just funny because in my NSL class Mr. Elstein was aking if anyone knew what a blog was and the whole class just pointed at me and said very loudly: ASK KIT! And of course I had to change his misconception that "bloggers" made their blog for a living to keep the media in check.
     One really cool thing that's been happening recently is that we've really buckled down to learning how to speak Japanese in Japanese class. And I've learned I can make a fairily decent sentence on the spot. Though one funny mistake I made was that I thought that "Pick Up" in japanese was the same as "I'm going to pick up my friend." Whereas really it means like lift, not "pick up." So that sentence must have sounded kinda funny. "Why yes that bus just lifted alex above it's head (wait... buses have heads?)! It was quite amazing!" What else... what else... well, that's pretty much all that interesting that's happening. The only other thing I can think of is that I'm going to apply for an independant study in Ms. Song's class because I'm already better at it than the teacher. It always make me laugh when she goes "OHHHHHHH!!!!! I get it now!" Because I just explained something to her for 20 minutes. Alright, peace, I'm out.

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