September 25, 2004

Kit you so crazy!

     Tom: "Hahahaha, thanks Al. And now, in other news, Tenn Titans had a marathon today. Here's Lisa with more on that stroy."
     Lisa: "Thanks Tom--"
     Tom: "My name is John damnit! I'm the substitute for that ungrateful bastard!"
     Lisa: "I couldn't care less! Now, onto the story: Some crappy show on Cartoon network known as 'Teen Titans' had a marathon today where they decided to kill off probibly everone's favorite character known as 'Terra.' Possibly the only character with a personality that doesn't make you feel like killing kittens. Back to you Tom!"
     John (apparently his name isn't Tom, who knew?!): "Grumble... bitch... Grumble... Oh! Uhhh... Thanks Lisa! *Aherm* In other news, Mystery Manga: Will it ever be finished? Our special investigation tonight proves: Probibly. Tune in to watch my bastard of a doppleganger Tom talk about it. Now onto the weather with George."
     George (dressed for some reason in a sombrero): "Thank you vary muuch Amigo!"
     John: "Uhhhhhh... you're welcome george... what are you doing?!"
     George: "Ye-ace! Today's weethar was looking guud: Theer was soctial eektivvities on the whore-izon, but at the leest minuut, a flurry of 'wuurk' came iin and runiid iit!"
     John: "..."
     George: "Beeck tu yuu John!"
     John: "... Umm... thank you George for that uhhhh... interesting weather report... Yeah... this job sucks ass I quit."
     Quit: "Thanks tom-"
     John: "What the hell?! Who are you?! AND WHY DOESN'T ANYONE REMEMBER MY NAME IS JOHN?!"
     Quit: "In other news, the whole rest of the staff quit and Kit's brain fell into a bad loop of newscasting. Here's some bologna that looks like a suit of armor!"

     Quit: "Back to you brain!"

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