October 20, 2004

Someone who I think is going to grow up to be a very sad and lonely person...

     So most of you don't know Adam. He's an odd fellow, I guess I really can't describe it. I feel like.. like Adam is going to grow up to be that guy who doesn't trust anyone and always steals others work. Well, I guess that's how he is now... but... I can't really describe it. Most of you have read Catcher in the Rye, and when Mr. Antolini talks to Holden towards the end of the book, he says something along the lines of: "I have this feeling that you are going for a horrible fall... this fall... it may be the kind where you sit in a bar hating anyone who comes in the door... or maybe you'll just work at the office, chucking paper clips at the nearest stenographer..." I can't say that I feel quite like that is going to happen to Adam, but... something like it... Here was my conversation I had with him...

Adam: hello
BigDog6700: hello
BigDog6700: you know what's funny?
Adam: whats up
BigDog6700: Easyreader implements that buffer read thing you were talking about
Adam: LOL
BigDog6700: yup
Adam: That is the biggest SHIT IN THE WORLD
Adam: Do you know how to do that?
BigDog6700: just gpoes to show you that it's not perfect :- P
Adam: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(System.in)
Adam: then you can use:
Adam: in.readLine();
BigDog6700: bleck
Adam: see how easy?
BigDog6700: what I really want is a read letter
Adam: I didn't even open a bok
Adam: *book
BigDog6700: like getch() from C++
Adam: yeah
Adam: gets()
Adam: puts()
BigDog6700: well that's why your applications are only mildly cool
Adam: lol
Adam: yea
Adam: I sucks
BigDog6700: yup
BigDog6700: and I read the book
Adam: You are a serious nerd
BigDog6700: and I don't suck
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: Adam
Adam: You actually are obsessed with the fact that you know everything
BigDog6700: you are sooo much more of a loser than I am
Adam: you should get a life
Adam: yeah right
BigDog6700: it's actually pitiful
BigDog6700: like honestly
Adam: I actually have a girlfriend
Adam: (2)
Adam: seriously
BigDog6700: hahahahahaha
Adam: YOU?
Adam: who ... your mom?
BigDog6700: so? I want a girlfriend, but the relationship I'll get into will actually mean something
Adam: seesh
Adam: I dont even care about her
BigDog6700: wow
Adam: Its kind of spontaneous
BigDog6700: your such a dipshit
BigDog6700: I have 0 respect for you
Adam: I can sort of manage without trying
BigDog6700: in fact
Adam: you sukl
Adam: But its okay
Adam: and nice ..........
Adam: WOW
BigDog6700: you know the really sad thing with you is Adam?
Adam: cool
Adam: nice
Adam: woah
Adam: no thx
Adam: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam: YES
Adam: woohooo
Adam: !!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: here:
you call me a nerd and yet you continually seek my approval and respect. and despite the fact that I voiced to you that I don't respect you and
that I don't like talking to you because it raises my blood pressure, you CONTINUE to talk to me and try and impress me. When really,
everything you've done has made me think less of you. I hope you read this and catch on to the fact that you can't impress me without being a
person who isn't knolwedgeble about anything and, if anything, values their ignorance.
Adam: okay
Adam: thanks for the sermon
BigDog6700: wow
Adam: I feel soooo much better
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: yeah, I'd thik you'd say that
BigDog6700: but the sad truth is there Adam
Adam: lol
Adam: Thanks. I'm SURE that your going to become a diplomat when you grow up lol
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: doubt it
Adam: ya
Adam: seriously
Adam: if especially with that ideology

BigDog6700: that's not what a diplomat does dumbass
Adam: okay okay thanks
Adam: whatever
Adam: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: I would if you'd stop trying to bring me down and stop trying to impress me with your stupid crap
Adam: okay
Adam: you want me to tr?
Adam: *try
Adam: shit
Adam: gtg cya
Adam signed off at 7:49:17 PM.

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 20, 2004 08:48 PM
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