November 01, 2004

A little early in the day I know... Okay. Fine. A LOT earlier in the day than usual

     Yeah Yeah, I know. Most people aren't even up this late, but oh well. I had something to write about and I felt like writing about it now. So here we go!
     A long while ago, I got a "MobilePro 400" personal PC. It's quite cool looking... wait... I have a picture around here somewhere....
*Oh yeah... I forgot about this...*
*Is that... no... wait... what's THAT doing here?! Ack! I did THAT?! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME??!? I mean.. um shuffle?*
Ah here it is!

     Yep, it's a pretty nifty thing. I got it for free from My good friend Thomas H. The thing's achient, and runs windows CE 1.0, but it's pretty cool considering. The only reason that I brought it up is because I had an old PC Card modem lying around that went to my old windows 95 laptop. I thought: Eh, the old thing probably doesn't have internet capabilites (let alone being compatable with my PC Card Modem here...) but why not give it a shot? So I plugged it in and behold miracles of miracles! It WORKED! No need to install drivers or anything. Needless to say: I was psyched. You would be too if your old, useless Personal Computer just turned into an awesome internet portal. I imagine I can set it up to wardial and do all sorts of crazy crap. In the meantime though, I installed Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 and so now not only can I check my email, I can get on the net! Woo! Who knows what evils I'll commit to with this? Only time will tell.

Posted by Kickmyassman at November 1, 2004 01:00 AM

Very nice. I have a MobilePro 800 with PocketIE 3
Sitting around in front of my face for about 3 years.

I can't check GMail, but I now have POP3 mail so I can use Outlook!!! WOOT!

Posted by: Adam at November 1, 2004 12:33 PM

heh yea kit you go running around with you 14.4 modem or a 28.8 modem, heh

Posted by: mitch at November 13, 2004 03:01 PM

ive got a computer in my pocket little boy. would you like a look? perhaps play with it? muhahah.

Posted by: alex at November 14, 2004 05:07 PM

but Gmail supports POP3 now...

Posted by: louie at November 15, 2004 10:12 PM
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