November 13, 2004

Music: It's in the air.

     Well, recently there's been talk of my friend Alex starting a band. He says that he'd like me to sing for it. I started to really think about it and I realized that we could have a band a lot like They Might be Giants and just have a lot of fun with our music. I won't mention the other prospective people that could come be in the band just in case they said no and then when the band came together and people said: "Hey weren't you meant to be in the band?" And we get like a group following and they feel stupid and then at least other people won't know about it. Anyway, I thought I may as well post the tunes I've made to date and give a little backround.
     Now just as a heads up not only is most of this music not good, it's also short, and unfinished. Due to my complete and total lack of musical training in any shape form or fashon, all my music is written by ear and therefore it's almost impossible for me to write accompaniment. So enjoy what you can, and if you like a tune: post about it! and then continually yell at me until I get off my lazy ass and finish it. And if you'd like to lend me a hand at finishing a tune, I can sing it for you on the comp and send it to you, and then tell you how I want the accompaniment done (I know I said I can't write accompaniment but the point is, is that I hear it when I think it, I just can't phase out the other parts, so it becomes a jumble).
1) Silence for Sam (orignally known as just plain silence):
     This song began one day at summercamp. I was a swimming instructor there, but before my teaching job started I had to help get the carpool kids to there camp rooms. One morning it was raining and I thought up this tune. When I hear it I think it sounds like one of those old silent movies. The high-medium-high-low part at the beginning is rain. The parts where the strings go up are when things happen. Here's the scene: A limo is blocking a roadway, (first action strings) a car scids to a halt about a fifty feet away from the limo. (bells up) a man in a buisness suit jumps out of the car with a briefcase. (third action strings) he gets in front of his car, facing the limo. (bells up) He screams to the limo. (forth action strings) A door on the limo opens a man begins to emerge. (bells down) The man completly gets out of the limo, a girl bound and gagged is in tote. (fifth action strings) The man from the limo yells to the man from the car. (Bells down, double beat) The man from the car chucks the briefcase the whole fifty feet. (Strings down, double beat) The briefcase lands at the man from the limo's feet. (Bells and Strings up, double beat) He opens the briefcase and you see a shot of $100 bills (note: I think this should take place in Paris, so $100 in pounds/Euros, not dollars). (Bells and Strings up, double beat) The man looking into the briefcase smiles. (first gong) He shoves the girl towards the car. (second gong) she stumbles and falls to the ground. (third gong) She looks back at her captor and her eyes widen. (fourth gong) The man from the limo blows a hole in her head. You see this shot from the girls perspective, looking down the barrell of the gun. The man from the limo returns to it and flees the scene. I have yet to complete this song, but the rest of it is going to be the man stumbling around town, crying. It ends where he jumps off a bridge.
2) Music I think
     This song's origin is from during my biology finals. Don't ask how this came from that it just did. It wasn't nessecarily that the exam inspired me. It was actually the answer sheet. I pretended that the dots were notes and that's where the first measure came from. Then I just started from there.
3) Kinda Mysterious (also known as songolichious):
     This song was inspired from Noir. Don't know.

Posted by Kickmyassman at November 13, 2004 11:59 AM

Haha I remember the day when we did those together. I'd be glad to make another accompanyment for you if you want. The first song is good, but it needs to be longer (well thats kinda obvious but still). I think the story for the conception of the second piece is really funny. As for the last piece, I swear I've heard it somewhere else before.

Posted by: Andrew at November 14, 2004 10:37 PM
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