November 29, 2004

Nerd Test

     Well everyone, once again my entry (as seems to be the pattern as of late) is going to be short. Yeah, yeah whine whine blah blah. Well not much has been happening and I don't much feel up to many angry rants. So here's something to keep you guys busy while I try and think up something for the next coupla weeks. It's called the "nerd purity test" it tells you how much of a nerd you are with five hundred quetions to which 95% of you should answer "false." I, on the otherhand managed to get a decent nerd score. And, pleases finish the test yourself before looking at my score.
     The nerd test

Just a few of my thoughts while taking the nerd test:
BigDog6700: If I drive fast enough at the red light, it'll appear green?!
what kind of nerd would make that conclusion?!

Johnsri: no idea
: i dont drive
: do you even get that joke?
BigDog6700: gah!
Johnsri: nope
: I'm such a dork
BigDog6700: Have you ever argued with someone over which of two computer types/OS's is better? (Macintosh vs. IBM, UNIX vs. VMS)
When I read this I immediately said: "well duh!" then grabbed my temple and went: "Oh dear god I'm such a nerd"

Okay, here's my score.

Posted by Kickmyassman at November 29, 2004 10:39 PM
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