December 02, 2004

A rant about my recent rants?

     I have homework and stuff. And although I was going to put out another rant tonight, it was feeling awfully generic and I've been doing a lot of rants as of late. You know, I've been feeling kinda bi-polar as of late. Like, I've just realized that it seems like I spend a couple months being perfectly happy and chipper, and then I'll spend another few months just angry and depressed. Like recently, I just have this overwhelming feeling of: "My god this is annoying" or "jesus christ that person is a dumbfuck" or even more prevolent "dear god do I feel like just doing nothing." I also just sort of have this underlying rage at pretty much anyone who talks to me. Don't know why, just feels like I do. Blah.
     Anyway, for the technically inclined (and even the not so technically inclined), here is something I recently found on the net that I think is amazing: A complete index of CMD.exe commands and A good list of commands that can be called from dlls using rundll32. That's all for today. I hope I'm not comming off as too whiny in these recent entries....

Posted by Kickmyassman at December 2, 2004 09:42 PM
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