December 11, 2004

So cool, you'll probably shit your pants

     I just found this site called google talk. You type in the beginning of a sentence, and it uses goole to complete it. Check it out!
Here are some of the things Google said to me:
     1) I wish I had a dollar for every dollar of revenue generated by the property tax administrator and the Board of Directors of The National Association of Estate Agents.
     2) If only It were True By John December john Charles, Fremont and THE US Department of State. Legislatures on the Internet. Archive Recent Additions. to the terms of Use. and Abuse. of OLDER People in the US Department of State.
     3) I'm wearing a Dress that is the sky blue? Why is THE sky blue? Why is THE sky blue? Why is THE sky blue?
     4) How is it that I can t go For That. No can Do) by Hall Oates. Shot did did did did DID DID DID
     5) Only monkeys can do it, By the book By Robert Browning
     6) There's something fishy going on. Here. A christian website that offers a wide range of Abilities and Its Impact on the environment
     7) Jokes are only funny if you like This site please HELP! me! with my PURCHSING PLEASE! anybody
     8) If you eat a bannana observe which end you peel. Most did did did did did you see the movie you ll see that the results are not to be trusted!
     9) What should I do with my life? The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Once Upon a time in Mexico a film that would be King. The First American in space.
     10) My life is a Sitcom. I M
     11) You are the real World. Linux Security. module For Apache x Ski boots. for Men) and Women s health.
     12) Kit is the perfect Time to Start a Business, in Michigan. A Primer for THE Design of the UNIX operating System. th th TH TH
     13) Kit is a racket. by Major Ingredient. in diet Definition: of the United States Department of State.
     14) If I only had a Brain. If i Only had A Brain. Heart/ Nerve

Posted by Kickmyassman at December 11, 2004 05:39 PM
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