January 21, 2005

Weird ass updates and a temporary sign

     Well, I'm making some weird updates which you can see around the website. The first one is that to deal with the fact that yahoo's search engine links to all my entries as .html (which, if you haven't already noticed, are now all .php) which don't exist anymore. So to deal with that problem I've made it so that if you try to visit an old entry with a .html it will auto re-direct you to the .php. Don't believe me?
The hundredth entry try refreshing a few times and watch the quote change. See? Nifty eh? Anyway, the main point of this entry is that I may update morelater tonight, in which case this entry could also be considered a temporary sign until I get my stuff together. In the mean time here's some weird statistics about my site:
     Only myself and two other people have come tomy site via search engine, but look at the weird ass searches they were doing:
Top 3 of 3 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 2 50.00% site:kitkorp.com
2 1 25.00% religous drawings
3 1 25.00% rich scum of america

They came here from http://search.yahoo.com/search because yahoo.com already scanned my page. And apparently web.archive.org scanned my site again, which is good. Anyway, I'll be back.

Posted by Kickmyassman at January 21, 2005 10:39 PM
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