February 01, 2005


     I will have an entry about the sudden increase in work tommorow, but in the meantime, here's some more music, and a C++ app I'm helping Felipe with because I'm tired, need an okay post, and don't feel like thinking any more today.
Cavalkaf: here it is: write a program that searches how many times, and where it it, a string that the user inputs
Cavalkaf: so if the user inputs hi
Cavalkaf: and the second word is hi
Cavalkaf: it should say "The word hi is the 2nd word in the file."
BigDog6700: wait, does the user enter in two strings?
BigDog6700: one to search for and one to search?
Cavalkaf: no
Cavalkaf: one of them is a file
BigDog6700: ah
BigDog6700: okay
Cavalkaf: a "search" feature
BigDog6700: mmmmkay
BigDog6700: well what it should do is this:
Cavalkaf: my initial aproach was to get word by word
BigDog6700: read a search string, deliniated by commas
BigDog6700: 1st word, 2nd word, 3rd word
Cavalkaf: what about lines
Cavalkaf: ?
BigDog6700: okay
Cavalkaf: and spaces
BigDog6700: hold on
Cavalkaf: but I get the idea
BigDog6700: let me finish explaining before you ask questions
BigDog6700: okay?
BigDog6700: OKAY?
Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: :D
BigDog6700: so
BigDog6700: the user enters in a search string, which will be severl different strings, delineated by commas
Cavalkaf: right
BigDog6700: don't worry about words, if they want to search for a specific word they can enter it instead of a string
BigDog6700: next
BigDog6700: it should take the search string, and splice it
Cavalkaf: ok.....
BigDog6700: String klcka[100];
int curstring = 0;

     if(instring(searchstring, ",") != -1)
          klcka[curstring] = sub(searchstring, 0, instring(searchstring, ","));
          searchstring = sub(searchstring, instring(searchstring, ","), length(searchstring) - instring(searchstring, ","));
     else if(length(searchstring) >= 1)
          klcka[curstring] = searchstring;
          searchstring = "";
     } else
          klcka = "error";

} while(length(searchstring) >= 1); //while the search string contains a comma...

if(klcka[curstring -1] == "error")
     cout << "Please enter a search string";


Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: so what does sub does?
Cavalkaf: and instring?
BigDog6700: I'm not sure what the names for those functions are in C++
BigDog6700: hold on
Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: anything yet?
Cavalkaf: the approach I was taking before I realized the comma problem was to get every word to a temporary string, and compare it
Cavalkaf: (using cin >>)
Cavalkaf: however, when I realized this comma problem
Cavalkaf: I started getting this characted by character, making a string out of it until it hit a non-standart character
BigDog6700: string::npos is what find returns if it doesn't find the character
Cavalkaf: instring does....?
BigDog6700: String klcka[100];
int curstring = 0;

     if(searchstring.find(",") != string::npos) //If there is a comma in the string
          klcka[curstring] = searchstring.substr(0, instring(searchstring, ",")); //store the first string into the array
          searchstring = searchstring.substr(searchstring.find(","), searchstring.length() - searchstring.find(",")); // lop off the string you just removed
     else if(!searchstring.empty()) // If there are no commas and a search string remains...
          klcka[curstring] = searchstring; // add the string to the array
          searchstring = ""; // empty the string
     } else // If it's empty
          klcka[curstring] = "error"; // error

} while(!searchstring.empty()); //while there is still a string

if(klcka[curstring -1] == "error")
     cout << "Please enter a search string";

BigDog6700: replace "instring" with find
BigDog6700: substr(x,y) makes the string from x, y characters
s = "kit is cool";
s = s.substr(0, 7) + "stupid";
would make s == "kit is stupid";

BigDog6700: string::npos is what find returns if it doesn't find the character
Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: however, I wanted something that would detect any non-stadart character
Cavalkaf: yours only does commas
Cavalkaf: anyway, what does instring does
Cavalkaf: wow
BigDog6700: ?
Cavalkaf: how did a bunch of stuff showed up in 1 second?
Cavalkaf: your past 3 msgs
BigDog6700: ummmm
BigDog6700: I keep IMming you, but your connection keeps dropping
Cavalkaf: ????
Cavalkaf: it dropped 2 times
Cavalkaf: not sure why.....
BigDog6700: neither do I, but I know the first time was me, and the second time was you
Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: :-P
BigDog6700: but read through the new code
BigDog6700: I explained a lot
Cavalkaf: I just did
Cavalkaf: I got what you did
BigDog6700: kk
Cavalkaf: however, I still need something that will get a string from the file and remove all non a-z characters from it
BigDog6700: okay
Cavalkaf: also, I wanted a better way to count the words in a file
Cavalkaf: so it does not count two spaces as two words
Cavalkaf: or a line with no characters as a word
Cavalkaf: if the string has \0 (zero) on it, it is empty, right?
Cavalkaf: any ideas?
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: hold on
BigDog6700: I made an app like this last year
BigDog6700: I have it in my folder somewhere...
Cavalkaf: :-D
BigDog6700: ispunct(char x)
isspace(char x)
in ctype.h

Cavalkaf: ?
Cavalkaf: how is the syntax?
BigDog6700: you just #include <cype.h> then use

Cavalkaf: ok
Cavalkaf: I see
BigDog6700: but that is a C header
BigDog6700: not C++
Cavalkaf: same in C++
Cavalkaf: just checked
BigDog6700: :-D
BigDog6700: I is smart, no?
Cavalkaf: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/ansi/hfiles.html
Cavalkaf: yes

Here's the app I was talking about:
Dos app which can count and read input the way I wanted it to.
The source (if you know C++ you'll know why it's awesome) Posted by Kickmyassman at February 1, 2005 11:14 PM

Maybe urs does something else, i didnt bother to read ur whole IM conversation(given that i have 15 minutes be4 i have to leave for school), but it seems to me that theres a HELL of a lot easier way to do this

Posted by: Ben at February 2, 2005 06:09 AM

Oh yeah, almost certainly. This was just the best I could come up with given Felipe's rather crappy description and using year old C++ knowledge.

Posted by: Kit at February 2, 2005 06:39 AM

Like a StringTokenizer. Not really too positive weather or not C++ has string tokenizers, but that's an example of what could take the place of that whole while loop.

Posted by: kit at February 3, 2005 06:50 AM
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