February 15, 2005

Ocarinas and Fiber Optics

     I'm looking for ocarinas, and it's turned out to be way harder then it should be. Most of the ones I really like are too big and can't play the high, light notes I'm aiming for. The other thing is finding the right kind. I want to aim for a four or eight holed ocarina, but I don't want it to be plastic, crappy, or a pendant. The shape I'm looking for is a sweet potato, but I'd prefer a stubbier one to a really long one. What I'm really looking for, is what they sell at Songbird Ocarina.com, but there are two problems. First: The painting is tacky! I want a plain color! No zelda crap! Second: Too large to play the high notes. If you check out the market town song you'll notice that it's quite a bit lower then the actual version. If you have any idea of where to buy a good one tell me please!
     FIOS... I want sooooo bad... I don't think I've ever wanted anything quite as much as I want FIOS. I'm not giving you a link cause it may turn out that you are in their network area and qualify in which case I'd have to kill you, but the point is that Mitch qualified and he's getting it on the 24th. I might end up skipping school just to wacth because I want it so bad, and I want to see what they do. Apparently you may have to sacrifice your copper phone lines to get it, which is a HUGE dissapointment on my part. The main idea is that they're offering cheap, incredibly fast internet access that no one can compete with, and when they add you to their network they want to eliminate all their phone competition as well. The other problem is that FIOS requires power to run, so if the power goes out for more than eight hours, you not only lose your internet, but also your phone. Bummer....

Posted by Kickmyassman at February 15, 2005 10:42 PM

T-9 days :-) Some facts that you might want to know...

-verizon is not gona give you a choice in about 2-4years they will convert everyone over to fiber, no copper will exist.

-not only are they tring to tap into the internet, and phones, in 6 months they will be releasing digital TV to montgomery county.

-(interesting fact) the average install costs verizon $1,000-$3,000 for them to do it, they are doing it for free becasue other wise no one would get it, and the long run thing...

-(Avalability) i was planing this out with the bussness rep and according to him and his supervisor this is just released because one of them main lines is in river road, and i live so close, thus the early release, although they said my neighbors didnt qualify, which is interesting because my boss might have had somethign to do with it...

-kit tell me if you need a good word put in, dont know waht i can do, but i am good at complaining. also your more then welcome to come. And for all of you who i dont knwo / trust in my house, i will tape it and take pictures so that will be the first thing on my home server once i get my connection installed, you know with my abundance of bandwith :-D 15/2!

T-9 days :-D

Posted by: mitch at February 15, 2005 10:54 PM


thats the link, I didnt qualify, but I dont really care, I guess it might be good, but its not like it will disappear unless it sucks, in which case I dont want it

Posted by: at February 16, 2005 08:01 PM
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