April 03, 2005

Internet economic trouble and more google paranoia.

     While I support Firefox full heartedly I've come up with a conundrum: Most websites rely on some form of advertising to maintain themselves (normally pop-ups or baner ads) so while the switch to firefox may be a good thing for users of the net it will probably be a bad thing for many (if not all) websites with advertising. Now I'm sure you may argue that free forms of pop-up blocking have been around for years and firefox should be the same way. Why would it be a problem? The difference is this: Most forms of pop-up blocking come with some general downside which most people aren't willing to deal with, and normally most people don't know enough to find out about or take the time to get pop-up or banner blocks. Even then it probably costs mosts websites quite a lot of revenue with all the IE users who get pop-up blockers. Even more for those who get banner blockers.
     So why does this bother me? Well most websites actually subsist on these ads (meaning that the only reason they're on the web is because of the omney produced by people clicking ads), and so if we got something along the lines of 40-50% of the net (hell, even as little as 30% would probably do it) using firefox with the ad-block plugin I could very easily foresee another "great depression" for the net where lots of websites go broke and call it quits due to a lack of revenue from their web ads. Most people don't actually click on ads with any intent of buying (normally it's just to see if the game is really a game) but that still gets the person displaying the ad some money. So with the movement towards firefox also comes the move towards text ads. And who is the only company offering text ads?
     Google! Once again google seems to be moving into a market that will grow explosively over the next few years and I imagine even as other companies move towards text advertising google will remain the trusted "brand" of advertising that webhosts will look to in order to produce good revenues. So as we move towards a more advertising free society on the net will also move towards a more google filled one. The only reasons this bothers me? I imagine it will take a lot of time for other advertising companies to move into the field of text advertising because it is much less "yeilding" of customers because it doesn't draw their attention as effectively and it wouldn't be until they stopped making money and their customers started leaving that'd they'd find the switch nessecary, but by then people would only know google as a source of revenue for text ads and google will, in a matter of months grow and expand explosively. Google will really be a world power by then, because not only will they be trusted, but they'll be pulling in HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY. I don't know, google is going to take over the world isn't it?

Posted by Kickmyassman at April 3, 2005 11:04 PM
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