June 05, 2005

Games for real gamers

     There are two games which I say are the pinnacle of the true gamer. Amplitude and Ikaruga. Both of these games, while not having plotlines or... really much of any direction of all, require you to be as fine tuned into the game as possible. You need fast reactions, faster fingers, and the ability to play without stopping for several minutes at a time. Both these games normally leave you with finger cramps by the time you're done, and even more often in tears of frustration at your inability to get past one part. Why do I say that such games represent the pinnacle of gaming? Simply because to beat them you have to be good. No, you have to be better than good: you have to be damn near perfect. Can I claim to beat either of these games? Some days. Can I claim to complete them on their hardest difficulty level? Hell no, and I'd be impressed at anyone who can claim to have beaten either of these games on insane. If you ever want a challenge and a damn good game, try amplitude and ikaruga. but don't come back and complain about how you couldn't beat level 1 on easy. That's just the way the cards are delt.

Posted by Kickmyassman at June 5, 2005 11:59 PM
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