October 09, 2005

Return of our "resident moron"

     So, a while back (here, here, and here), someone came on my website and just randomly began insulting me. He didn't get very far, prove much, or earn any friends, but he certainly was someone who got added to my banned ip list. Either way, just today, he came through and posted on a whole bunch of my entries demanding that his IP be blocked again. I deleted the comments that were simply out of immature spite, but kept the ones where he tried to make complete sentences (he can certainly spell, but does he have the slightest idea what sentence structure is?) and prove me wrong. The real reason that I left his comments up is because I'm curious what he means when he says: "Please don't insult people who believe in ID, then proceed to humiliate yourself like that." How did I humiliate myself? Or what he means by: "keep all insults above the belt. The last time you made an idiot out of yourself by insulting me was a bit uncalled for." How exactly did I make an idiot out of myself? How was my insult below the belt? I didn't ban your IP before you had the chance to read my insult. I'm waiting for a response.

Banned IP:
Alex and Ben, you are both retards. Don't insult this guy when you can't even spell you're. And doodoo is not a funny word. You are not funny.

This guy, in my belief, has every right to complain, even if I don't agree with it. This guy, unlike you, took time to articulate his words. This is all funny because you bitch about IDers for doing exactly what you did on the top of this page. You can make him look like a retard, but can you do better?

Again, Alex and Ben, shut up.

Also, I only read their comments, if I repeated what someone else said, sorry.

My Response:
     In response to our nameless friend here (who I will refer to from now on as bannedip simply because that's what he used to be), I did not do the exact same thing at the top of the page. First and foremost, I have only the most vague idea of what you just said because it was all written so poorly that it made no sense.
     "This is all funny because you bitch about IDers for doing exactly what you did on the top of this page." I don't remember doing "exactly what IDers did," but I also don't think it's at the top of this, or any other page on my website. Assuming that you mean something along the lines of:
     "This is all funny because the letter that you posted about ID being taught in schools is exactly the same as the letter that you're mocking." If this is what you actually meant than you obviously didn't read either letter very well. I wouldn't have cared about the email about the English department if it had been well written (aka good grammar and good spelling), or had a reasonably intelligent line of logic. Unfortunately this letter had neither of those things. This letter was a pile of shit. The letter from http://www.venganza.org/ however, was written very well, was witty, and was sent to the proper people. Sending a letter which should be addressed to the English department heads at Montgomery County to those who signed up for Fantasy writing club doesn't strike me as having any point or helping your case. Glad to see that I could at least beat some sense into you though.

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 9, 2005 09:27 PM

Ah yes, sorry about some of those comments, I felt bad later and tried to explain myself, but my router screwed up and I lost it all. I shall try to rectonstruct my view.

I would also like to point out that this is a weblog being kept by a rather overwight teenager, not my fucking English class, but to make for better reading, I shall try to "learn sentence structure."

The main point of what I tried to say is that the people on this site have no idea what they are talking about. I have little idea what the guy writing the letter feels, but you clearly have less. I have read one book on the subject of depression, and I can easily see that this guy is suffering from it. A major symptom is the simple inability to do things. You just can't get up, everything you do is pointless. You become desperate to become something, anything. Some people pertend to be smarter than others, maybe they are, maybe they aren't, I don't know, but it is more than idle boasting on his part. Yet you sit here, at your computer screens insulting him for simply articulating how he feels.

"1. Smart people are lazy - wait... - NATURALLY lazy.
2. Reducing the amount of work that people have to do makes them less lazy.
3. When teachers collect homework, they are favoring the dumber kids.
4. The dumber kids will copy off of the smarter kids homework which the smarter kids were to lazy to do.
5. These dumb kids will turn in the homework that they copied off the smarter kids, while the smarter kids won't turn in the homework because they didn't do it. (Read that one again, see if your mind fries)
6. These dumb kids will also ask the smart kids for answers right before a test, and pass it while the smart kids fail. (Try reading this one again as well)

He is talking from a different perspective. Building off the foundation of his depression, he wishes to be seen as different, he is different. When he looks at other people he sees two different kinds of intelligence. The type of people who obssess over college and such, and the type of people that don't bother. He probably isn't very smart, but still, it is his perception that counts.

"His is a closed mind.
His words are arrows. Bent, burnt.
Logic deserts him.

In his day of need
his perceptions twist him as
flowers closed at night.

Why is murder illegal? I hardly consider you normal, Jack, but fucking hell. Please explain what this has to do with anything. You guys sit here making fun of an unkown guy who articulates his feelings in a letter, but ignore the guy who insults guy number one in poem format. IN POEM FORMAT. I am sure it is a great poem, I don't care, but poetry is not supposed to be used to insult people. How is he supposed to argue with you? "You only used one metaphor, bitch!?" Rather than presenting an actual argument, you write a poem. Congratulations, now shut the hell up.

"If you want to write a novel or a sequel or a short story do like Kit said and take a creative writing class."

God, does anyone bother to read? I read one book, and I understand something so simple that you simply can't comprehend? Depression breeds indescisiveness(sp?). He does not want to make a decsion that could affect his whole life, such as going, for what you would call "an easy out that colleges wouldn't like." He understands the mentality that you have towards "easy outs" and he can't decide.

"I personally loved Raisin and the Sun (complete with its character analysis and so forth) and, wonderful as one may be, if you think an Orson Scott Card book has more literary value it is my opinion that you're a short-sighted jackass."

Wow, you read BookWorld, why don't we hail you as the master of all knowledge. God forbid someone have a different opinion than you. I may not agree, science fiction on the whole is pretty stupid, if you ask me, but he is entitled to his own opinions. And I must say, you don't seem to have the balls to place your views out for public showcase like this. And for good reason, some nerdy moron might have got ahold of them and "tore apart your poorly written views." I wonder why noone speaks out anymore. There is always some idiot who can only understand his point of view.

"Kit, this was written by Johnathan Ecker, a 10th grader at WWHS. The e-mail list is that of last year's Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Club, which Ecker used without permission to distribute this crap. After talking with my brother, the head of the club, and a couple other people, we decided that this was a total rant that didn't even work. "

God, I am this close to walking the two blocks between my house and yours, and "playing the beat senseless game." This guy can't even get privacy? Fuck you. If you wanted your name kept secret, how would you like it if someone exposed who you were. He should not have hidden behind a false name, and he should not have used an email list like this, but if you join that dumbass club, sign up for yahoo groups or whatever, be prepared to accept the consequences.

By the way, don't take such a condescending tone. The fact that you, like everyone else, hides behind the shred of secrecy this page offers speaks of your cowardice. Shut up for once.

"So, Jonathan Ecker wrote this? No wonder. He isn't the smartest kid I know, does plenty of "stupid" jokes, and plays video games all day long. And he was lucky enought to get the worst english teachers (on his opinion) since 7th grade - complained about them every day.
I'm not that surprised that he did something like that ;-)"

Fucking hell. Think before you post. Think for a second where he might be coming from. It may not be from where you are, cuddled up next to your mommy watching anime. What you said just enforces my earlier post. He is depressed, and you are to stupid to see it. And nice smiley by the way. Real cool.

"John just hasn't thought it over to ask people if they want to know what he thinks before going out and spamming us.

Says the man posting on a blog, that noone but his closest friends read. How about this, next time, before you post, email me, or ask me, if I give a shit. See how much gets done, and how many people will be happy.

"Upon enterring Honors English, he came into my class and hasn't put forth much effort."

It is Honors English 10, you are not some god amongst men for taking that class. 3/4 of your grade is in it, maybe he was tired of being talked down to by people like you.

Did it once occur to you guys that he could be sitting at home thinking about how you waste your lives acting like idiots while he is undergoing severe issues right now? I am not 100% sure he is depressed, but he fits the description in the book I read. Maybe you should do some research before insulting people.

I have not included my name, though some will likely figure it out. The reasons for this are simple to see, but if you insist I will post it.

I must also thank you for posting a response that was well thought out, I was not feeliing well that day, and I vented in some poorly constructed sentences. I still stand by my comments to Ben and Alex. Shut up, you aren't funny. My real post is a bit late, but whatever. And when this discussion is over, please ban my ip again.

Thank you for your time. And sorry for any spelling/grammar errors, I dont proofread with such tiny boxes.

Posted by: at October 15, 2005 10:12 PM

Ok, my post showed up twice, I dont know why, please delete one of the copies, sorry for the inconveniance.

I would also like to point out to Evan that posting the kid's name was an idiotic thing to do. Callous, and stupid in general. I just feel this needed repeating, as what I said would be made easier to post.

Posted by: at October 15, 2005 10:15 PM