January 12, 2006

Tetris is back, in a convenient form of awesome

     So, my friend recently stumbled onto something awesome. Cultris. Cultris is tetris, only faster, multiplayer, and a pretty slick case. The whole thing runs under java (if you don't have Java 1.5 or above you probably can't run it), and it seems to DEMAND that you have the latest (or at least pretty new) drivers for your video card. Not that this should really be anything new for any of the "real" gamers out there, but just a heads up. Only thing I think is a real downside is that you can't play direct tcp/ip, you have to play through their server. Hasn't really been a hindrance, but it still detracts a little.
     Besides that, I haven't really got a whole lot. I've set up a server machine for a friend, and I was going to take some pictures of how awesomely I had modded the case and post them up here, but the USB ports are still out of commission and until I have something better I can't really upload pictures (yes, this also applies to my scanner). Sometime soon I'll put up my research paper on censorship (as seen through The Handmaid's Tale), but I thought it wouldn't be good for this transitional "coming back" period. I'll have something up tomorrow... I hope...

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Cultris v14 is out:


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