January 17, 2006

My Japan Favorites

     So, I know it's been a while since I went to japan, but it still remains not up here: What where my favorite pictures of the Japan trip? So to end all discussion and speculation before it even begins here's my selection of favorite pictures from Japan:

     So this is a shot I took of some random tiny festival that happened in Osaka. It wasn't of much note, but the story surrounding this picture is kind of cool. Basically, I was with my friend Umeki and we were sort of just standing around wondering what to do, when the man selling that fish said: "My fish is delicious, and since you guys are my first customers, I'll sell it to you for 500円! But you have to yell 'Oishii!' if you think it's delicious, otherwise I'll give you back your money." So we got some and yelled "oishii!" (translation: delicious!), yes, we felt silly, but it was good stuff. The picture is all out of focus, but it looks like it's made with pastels or something.

     So this was toward the end of the trip, my host parents took me up this big train to a remote part of Kyoto up in the mountains and then a big boat ride back down. This was right as we pulled into the train station at the top. It came out very nicely.

     So this was just on a trip back to my house after a good long wander through a couple of parks near my house. I don't look so good in it (my shoe is halfway off so it looks like I've broken my ankle and I'm looking at the camera in the wrong place), but the overall effect is cool. A couple of teenagers were down near the water, catching turtles. The threw out entire loaves of bread all crumbled up, and a little girl and the mom stood and shouted "Kame! Kame!" The mom said something along the lines of (I doubt I have the syntax for this sentence right) "Yappari kamega kuru" (Translation: "The turtles really did come after all"). It was just a nice lazy day.

     So I just liked the crazy hats on these ladies. They worked the souvenir shop at Summiyoshi taisha. A temple in tribute to the water gods.

     Just a shot of the suntower. A great big memorial to Banpaku kinen koen. Also known as the '70s expo commemoration park.

     Because killing zombies may be the best incentive to learn to type... ever. I watched the people play this game for a while and it was pretty funny. They even had civilians who would have words appear over their heads and if you accidentally typed it, you'd kill them. Not quite as interactive as the gun version, but still pretty awesome.

     So anyway, these were some of my favorite pictures from the trip, hope you enjoyed them. I'm nearly back on a daily schedule here. I'll even try and get the homestar mirror back up and on its feet.

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