January 22, 2006

Hahahaha, wow. Xbox

     So, I read a rather interesting interview with Peter Moore, the marketing head of Xbox 360. In general it seems like the marketing guy basically valiantly held that he hasn't heard nearly as much bitching as the interviewer had, and their sales seemed to say: "Fuck you guys, XBox 360 rocks." I liked the fact that he said that Kameo, even if it sucked, deserved a two or three page spread, because crappier games have recieved that treatment. His comment: "It just didn't seem up to the quality of the reviews that I've begun to expect and enjoy from the magazine over the years that I've been reading it." Rather than saying that he felt that the review was unfair, he says that the magazine (Electronic Gaming Monthly) didn't do a good job reviewing it. The part that I liked was the side interview with Bill Gates where I learned something really interesting:
"Electronic Gaming Monthly: Microsoft has lost roughly $1 billion a year on the first Xbox since it launched. Was that worth it?"
"Bill Gates: We knew going into the original Xbox that we would lose...a lot. Or you can say, invest a lot—that's the nice way to say that. And we knew the only thing we'd get out of that first generation was the learning and credibility that came with that experience. "

For Dramatic effect, a repeat: Microsoft has lost roughly $1 billion a year on the first Xbox since it launched.

Jesus Christ. I knew that Microsoft was losing bundles a day on the XBox, but a billion a year? Damn straight they're going to die off when the PS3 comes out. And good riddance. The only thing good to come out of XBox was Halo, and even then it's actually just a game for Mac, ported to the XBox.

Posted by Kickmyassman at January 22, 2006 12:51 AM

Just read that interview on the train home from NY. Gotta agree with you, Peter Moore seemed to be saying "Complaints, what Complaints? We have manufactured a super machine!!!" I also thought the 1 billion/year figure was pretty large. What I think is more funny is that he seems to barely be aware that when the PS3 and Revolution release, he is gonna have some HUGE competition. The Xbox 360 is a refined prettier version of the Xbox, which while it is nice, won't really last unless it still has something to suprise us with.

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