April 09, 2006

I have no Appendix

     So on tuesday morning, around 4:00, I started to have a little pang in my stomach. Nothing too severe, it felt like bad gas or something, but it was enough of a little stabbing pain to keep me awake pretty solidly till morning. Around comes 6:01, at which point I've decided that there wasn't much point in trying to go back to sleep. I go to the bathroom, where nothing out of the ordinary happened, and then told my mom how crappy I was feeling. We go on a quick hunt for pepto-bismol, find there's none, and because I seem to be pusing the limits of feeling crappy, Mom decides to go out and get some from CVS. I prepare to go to school, mom comes back, I try some, and off I go.
     School is relatively uneventful until lunchtime, where, after watching "How to enjoy sushi" (here), I went ahead and went to lunch myself. That was when things started going downhill. My stomach had started to hurt again, and after checking with the nurse to see what she thought it could be, I went to chorus. I ended up spending the whole period waiting on the toilet (though I didn't really go to the bathroom, I felt like I had to). I decided I probably wasn't going to end up making it through next class anyway, and went to the nurse to go home. And so I did. What happened at home? I spent it writhing in pain on the bed. Since I had spent about two hours curled up in the fetal position by the time my mom came home she called my doctor, who said I should go to the hospital. And so we did.
     After about an hour in the hospital, my pain seemed to slow down, and I wasn't writhing in pain so much as just feeling bad. They told me that, more than likely, as degrading as it may be, I was probably just horribly constipated. But hospitals are paid to be on the safe side, so they did a CT scan and ran some tests on blood samples. They found that my white blood cell count was elevated, and that my scans (though still somewhat inconclusive because of an allergy the prevents high resolution scans) showed that my appendix was enlarged enough to be concerned. So what did they do? Take it out. I'm in the process of recovery. I'd write more but I actually have to go to bed.

Posted by Kickmyassman at April 9, 2006 11:29 PM

Writhing in pain... sounds really really unpleasant. I don't know if I've ever been writhing in pain. Glad you made it through.

That really creeps me out, the thought of someone writhing in pain.

Posted by: Andrew at April 12, 2006 08:19 PM
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