October 09, 2006

I hate installing windows

     Why? Becuase it takes forever to configure anything properly and Windows always assumes you're a moron. Yes, I understand that's what it's meant to do. Most of you wouldn't know what the hell to do if half the things that popped-up did, you'd just hit the yes button a whole bunch until everything went away, and I understand that. What I don't like about windows is it's incessant assumption that they shouldn't put any way of removing it's redundant systems. For example:
     Without editing the registry or watching it, it is impossible (at least on my install disc) to remove the windows tour. It is also impossible to tell a computer that you do not want Windows update, nor is it possible to remove the security center. If I have a machine that is not capable of connecting to the internet I don't want pop-ups every five minutes telling me to connect to Windows update.
     The worst is windows update though. If you turn on automatic updates it immediately checks for updates. This would be fine, except that because it works in the background it doesn't alert you, so if I attempt to visit the windows update website, the computer locks up. Even worse then that, it wonderfully manages to ignore itself and install the same updates from the website and the updates it downloaded (which are one and the same) if you listen to the pop-ups:

But at least I'm nearly done...

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 9, 2006 04:30 PM
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