August 29, 2005

First day of school... yeah, I'm still alive

     So, I haven't really updated in a while. Sorry, things happen. I was actually looking for more information on the natural disastors occuring in Europe, and I found some things, but today isn't the day. Anyway, as to the question of what's been happening:
1) Went to Michigan. Not much to say except that it was a good chance to see all my family. I blew some glass and made some "tumblers" also known as drinking glasses.
2) Went to Otakon. It was good. What more need be said than I saw the Knights Of Mountain Dew:

3) I realized that I hadn't done really any of my summer reading and in a panic I finished all but one of the books by today.
4) I upgraded my computer to a new 2.8GHz processor and a Radeon 9250 video card. I know it's really just enough to squeak by for now, but I'm saving to go back to Japan next year with my class. I'll probably build a new really nice machine as a present to myself when I move on to college.
5) And since upgrading I have now played to just past Ravenholme and the mines in Half-Life 2.
6) Registered for an advanced Java course at Montgomery College.

     That's pretty much it. I added a new game to Scuzzstuff as a token to the new year. The links to the HL2 videos actually stopped existing a while ago, so they've also been removed. Hope you guys are gearing up for the new year.

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August 11, 2005

Going to Michigan

     So I know that the entries have been a little more than sparse recently, but I've been busy. In a nutshell I'm going to Michigan tomorrow and I have no idea what my computer situation will be like there (more than likely none) and then following that I'm going to Otakon from the nineteenth to the twentyfirst. What else is new? Well I found that there are 2 bytes of memory on my comp (which seens to forever be under construction) which are bad on my ram. I imagine I'm going to have to replace everything in this computer by the end of this year (which isn't much, only the frame, processor, and a single DVD drive remain), but I'm glad because save for the power supply, this computer is now almost completely mine. The processor will need to be replaced soon (because there's not many games left that will play on 1.1GHz processors!), and I'll need a new video card because regardless of anything chipset videocards suck.
     I feel like the only thing dominating my blog over the past while has been anime, japan, and computers. But really it's because I have problems with my computer, watch too much anime, and I went to Japan so I've been having trouble updating. I just finished yet another anime series called Haibane Renmei, which was surprisingly good and not too sappy. Fortunately it had nothing to do with the Megatokyo "Omake" (which now makes more sense but was still pretty stupid), and I enjoyed. I chalked up another 6.5 hours to the anime entry. So anyway, I hope you guys don't rot in boredom while I'm gone, and I'll probably start updating at the start of the school year. So enjoy whatever your doing.

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August 08, 2005

Compy is up and running

     So with the recent downtime due to overheating, I went all out with my computer. It now has a total of three fans (four including the power supply), and a pure copper heatsink that's enormous and was a pain in the ass to install. Anyway, here are some shots of the new monster:

The machine in its entirety.

Here's just a shot of the heatsink from the side. Basically this unit (for those of you who aren't so computer inclined) is designed to dissipate the heat produced while processing data.

For the purpose of showing you just how damn big this thing is, here is the same shot with my hand in it.

And, as with any new fancy heatsink/extreme overclocking piece, it now glows this eerie blue whenever it's on.

     Anyway, the whole unit now cools at about 44 degrees celcius. The drives also (with two more monster fan installed right next to them) now keep at much more resonable temps. The system has now dropped to 26 degrees which is good enough for me. And since I robbed mitch of both the fans, they were free, and the heatsink only ran me $50 (which isn't too bad at all), I now have a system that runs decently.

Oh right, and it's now my birthday! Hooray!

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August 06, 2005

Dealing with the heat

     Well I built my fancy computer with three fans in it (four if you count the power supply), but the processor heatsink just isn't heat conductive enough to keep the temp down. The fans just aren't enough to hold the system cold enough to operate without the risk of fire. So what am I going to do you ask? Well on monday I think I'm going to go ahead and invest in some water cooling and a video card. That'll be quite a hole in my wallet, and it won't help that I'm going to the anime con after that, but what can I do? I need a computer that doesn't suck. Anyway, look for updates later on, this is just to let you know that my computer situation is still in flux.

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August 03, 2005

Anime-- Otakon 2005

     So on the 19th this month is going to be Otakon 2005. So since I was bored I decided: let's count up all the anime I've seen!

     A few assumptions to start: we say that every episode is 25 minutes. Why? Because that's just a general figure for when I jump to the next episode. Movies (even though I do have the exact times for most of them), will be matched up against the 25 minute system and are divded into episodes of 25 minutes. All of the movies are slightly underestimated to take into account the fact that I never watch the intro-credits, end-credits, or previews for any series or movie. So let's start!
FLCL (6 episodes)
Chobits (26 episodes)
.hack//Sign (28 episodes)
ikkitousen (26 episodes)
Scryed (26 episodes)
Ah! My Goddess (6 episodes)(OVA)
Ah! My Goddess (1 hour 45 minutes) (Movie)
Azumanga Daioh (26 episodes)
R.O.D. (3 episodes, 45min each)
Full Metal Alchemist (51 episodes)
Evangelion (26 episodes, 30 minute extra)
Excel Saga (26 episodes)
I Wish You Were Here (4 episodes)
Kannazuki No Miko (12 episodes)
Kanon (13 episodes)
Lain (13 episodes)
Boogiepop Phantom (12 episodes)
Metropolis (2 hours)
Please Teacher (13 episodes)
Outlaw Star (26 episodes)
Paranoia Agent (13 episodes)
Punipuni Poemi (2 episodes)
Air (13 episodes)
Haibane Renmei (13 Episodes)
Niea Under 7 (Nia Under Seven) (13 episodes)

What I own that I have yet to watch (these are NOT factored in):
Tokyo Underground (26 episodes)
Ragnarock (26 episodes)
Episode count: 406
Minutes: 10150
Hours: 169.16
Days: 7.04861


Only a few more series and I'll have wasted one whole week on this stuff. Yeah, I watch a lot of anime, but when you compare this to the number of hours I've spent reading books, it's really not all that much. But please don't think that I loved (or even liked) all the series here, it's just what I've watched completely. They're not in any particular order, it's just as I remembered them. woo.

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