May 29, 2006

Random Crap I found on the internet day continued...

     Okay, it's not much of a "day" as much as it is a week. But regardless, I will continue to bring you random things from the internet.
     Paul Robertson. Someone who is able to say that being pixilated is a good thing. I have two of his videos on my website (I'm looking for other high-quality videos of his, aka not the ones on google video), but they only stay up tentatively because that's a lot of potential bandwidth. Anyway, here are the links:
Devil Eyes
Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006
I currently also have "Do The Whirlwind," but I'm in search of a higher quality version of "Jeremy Dower - The Magic Touch," and anything else by this guy (besides "Hyper Parsnip Bitches" and "Bloodbath Overkill").

     Here is a really cool fold you're own Quake 1 model site. The guy actually took the models of Quake 1 and stretched them out, and put fold lines on them so you could fold them into their proper 3D shapes. Check it out here.
     A little while back I had fun making poetry with refrigerator magnets. It was a lot of fun, up until someone else started moving my magnets around... I took a snapshot right before someone disassembled it. Here was the result:

Want to try it? Here's the link.
     I don't know why, but I really like the OS-tans. What is OS-tan you ask? Well, in Japanese, you put san, sama, kun, chan, occhan, oniisan, or any number of suffix in order to reference someone. "San" represents the simple and formal version. It's the equivalent of saying Mr, Ms, or Mrs. The important one here is "chan." "Chan" is a term that is something like "little." Kit-chan = Little Kit. It's familiar, often used between boyfriend and girlfriend, or between relatives (older in reference to younger). And, as in most countries, little kids have trouble pronouncing words, so chan comes out tan. Essentially the equivalent of saying "widdle." Kit-chan = Little Kit. Kit-tan = Widdle Kit. So Os-tan is basically the same as "Widdle Operating System."
     All of that to say it's Anime personifications of operating systems. Most of them are just sort of adorable, hence the reason I like them. The comics themselves are a little disturbing because, for whatever reason, all of the Female OSs are chasing after the one male OS (Windows XP home edition). But besides that, it's good stuff. Here's a few samples:
Windows XP:

Windows ME:

This one includes Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 98se, Me, 2000, XP, Pocket, and two others I'm not sure of. It also has Norton.

And, of course, Firefox and Thunderbird also get their own stuff:


Wanna know more about OS-tan? Check out the wikipedia entry.
Anyway, more to come, but to wrap up the day, here's a bizarre little animation of a cat and dog doing battle:

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May 27, 2006

Random crap I found on the internet day

     So... wow. It's been a while. I don't know why I've been having so much trouble updating, but I have. I think, more than anything, it just has to do with me being burnt out. I just haven't really been awake enough at one point or another to just ponder. I mean, what spawned this blog was such an excess of free time that basically, all I did was come up with random things to write about from my daily experience. But I just haven't been awake enough and bored enough to sit about and ponder, and as such, the blog has sort of died off. I don't know when I'll be un-busy enough to actually have stuff to post, but the point is that I won't ever let the front page be dead (and no, that doesn't mean I'll make the same one stay up longer). I'll post something at least once a month, but hopefully more frequently than that.
     So what's been interesting? Well, someone who submitted a high-score for copter game on scuzzstuff was arrested for robbing the Smoothie King. It was kind of weird to read about this guy and then slowly put two and two together and go: "Hey wait... didn't this guy try and submit a copter high score?" The image he gave me was all warped, so I couldn't accept it (though to be honest I don't think he was submitting a doctored image, I just think that he screwed it up when he sent it to me). Regardless, I still don't get why they robbed it. (Note: No, I won't tell you who.)
     Brian found a song which, upon hearing, I immediately found. It is a good song, and the grammar is awesome. Check it out:

Taken from here.

     So, a real long while back, I found this thing about having a thirty second movie shot entirely with your cellphone. They had a contest and decided a winner already, but I'm going to post my favorite video here. I have to say that the winner's clip (Cheat) looks most like a professionally done video, but I thought that it was one of the most uninteresting in terms of subject.

I'll try and put up the rest tomorrow. I have way more than that.

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