December 25, 2006

Christmas in Costa Rica

     So I'm currently in Costa Rica until the first of the year. There isn't anything too exciting about it besides the being out of the coutry part. All of my college apps have gone out the door and one of the two teacher reccomendations has gone out as well. So in essence, once I finish up this quarter and my exams, it'll be smooth sailing.
     The lack of bloggin stems from both a lack of inspiration and a lack of time. I would love to do an article on the PS3 vs. Wii, but I haven't really gotten my hands on a PS3 so it's hard to make comparisons just based on hearsay. But besides that I've been rather sleepless so a few games have gone up but I'm more or less a zombie. All of my thinking goes into my work and my creative writing classes. So anyway, here's to a merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah, an awesome Kwanzaa, an excellent Ramadan, a nifty agnostica, or whatever the hell you do/don't celebrate.

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