September 04, 2007

Welcome to my dorm room

Look! I'm in college!

     Yeah, I know three computers is kind of overkill... but whatever. They'll all come in handy. And they're all chained to my desk, so unless you can get that out too, it's all staying in here. And despite what you might think, I am trying to keep the room clean.

     Anyway, yeah! Here I am in college. Nothing too exciting to report except that I have some mighty fine tools called "ferret" and "hamster" working. They allow me to hijack email and facebook accounts from people connected to the same wireless network! It's really cool and I'm looking through the sourcecode to see if I can figure out how it works (which, considering my skill level, is kind of stupid). Either way college thus far has basically been me using a lot of internet, playing a lot of video games, watching movies, and going to classes that keep saying: "eh, we'll start doing thing next week."

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