BillyTheZombie77: bleftle!
BillyTheZombie77: thats pronounced: bleft-ul
BigDog6700: ?
BillyTheZombie77: bleftle
BigDog6700: what of it my good man?
BillyTheZombie77: how the hell should i know?
BigDog6700: I just thought that if you told me you would know
BigDog6700: like... a hemi-demi-seminote
BillyTheZombie77: yeah
BigDog6700: 1/128th of a beat
BillyTheZombie77: yeah
BigDog6700: no wait...
BigDog6700: hmmmmm
BillyTheZombie77: so fast, no one can hear it
BigDog6700: :- ) sound useful
BillyTheZombie77: plidgeon
BillyTheZombie77: pidgeon with an l
BigDog6700: sounds like what happens when you step in dog poop
BillyTheZombie77: yup
BillyTheZombie77: :-P?
BigDog6700: :-P !
BillyTheZombie77: :-\?
BigDog6700: :-D!
BillyTheZombie77: im sad
BillyTheZombie77: oops, i mean me=:-(
BigDog6700: why art thou sad skinny mcdoodles
BillyTheZombie77: i dont konw
BillyTheZombie77: cuz i got like 5 hours of eenglash hw
BigDog6700: ah
BigDog6700: good reason
BigDog6700: I have to finish my japanese packet :-\
BillyTheZombie77: me too!
BillyTheZombie77: thanks for reminding me! (you annoying hobbit)
BillyTheZombie77: (that means more hw for me) (damn it)
BigDog6700: (I'm a hobbit!)
BillyTheZombie77: (sure)
BillyTheZombie77: (why not)
BigDog6700: (huzaa!)
BillyTheZombie77: no, my penis is bigger!
BigDog6700: watashino chinchiwa ookii-er than anatano chinhi.
BillyTheZombie77: nvm then
BillyTheZombie77: i guess i was wrong
BillyTheZombie77: :'((little wang)
BillyTheZombie77: =-O(chop)
BillyTheZombie77: :'((no wang)
BigDog6700: :'((I don't know how big mine is)
BillyTheZombie77: i mesured:-P
BillyTheZombie77: :-D
BillyTheZombie77: :-D
BillyTheZombie77: :-D
BillyTheZombie77: (large wang)
BigDog6700: :-D(kinda creepy there, eh?)
BillyTheZombie77: no, large!
BillyTheZombie77: :-[(invisible wang)
BillyTheZombie77: :-\(half a wang)
BillyTheZombie77: :-*(lipstick on wang)
BillyTheZombie77: ;-)(winking wang)
BigDog6700: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
BillyTheZombie77: :-P(wang sticking out of pants)
BigDog6700: hahaha!
BillyTheZombie77: 8-)(wang with sunglasses)
BillyTheZombie77: :-!(foot wang)
BigDog6700: I think 8-)is (wang that's just had sex)
BillyTheZombie77: >:o(angry wang!)
BillyTheZombie77: :-((wang)
BillyTheZombie77: :-X(bondage wang)
BigDog6700: :-[(horny wang)
BigDog6700: >:o(hungry wang)
BillyTheZombie77: angry!
BigDog6700: hungry!
BillyTheZombie77: :-*(sexy wang)
BigDog6700: *whistle*wheeeeewhoooooooo!
BillyTheZombie77: im to sexy
BillyTheZombie77: im to sexy for my hair
BillyTheZombie77: im to sexy for my pants
BillyTheZombie77: im to sexy for my wang!
BigDog6700: you'd be scary without hair
BillyTheZombie77: so i cut it off
BillyTheZombie77: )my wang, notmy hair)
BigDog6700: urk
BillyTheZombie77: blurk
BigDog6700: blorg?
BillyTheZombie77: blound
BigDog6700: blosko!
BigDog6700: blinkon!
BigDog6700: like the president!
BillyTheZombie77: its a word i made up, blound is like blinded except one sylabul
BigDog6700: or winkin' blinkin and nod!
BillyTheZombie77: copywrite 2004
BillyTheZombie77: alex the wang corporations
BigDog6700: :- D go wangination!
BillyTheZombie77: such as: augh! you blound(TM) him!
BillyTheZombie77: SHPLADOW!
BigDog6700: WHAZAM!
BillyTheZombie77: showamymotto!
BigDog6700: P'SZATCH!
BillyTheZombie77: PLIDGEON!
BigDog6700: NO!
BillyTheZombie77: BLUHKAW!
BigDog6700: NOT THAT!
BigDog6700: BLIKIN!
BigDog6700: WINKIN!
BigDog6700: AND NOD!
BillyTheZombie77: WLINKIN!
BigDog6700: WANG!
BillyTheZombie77: POOP!
BigDog6700: PLORP!
BillyTheZombie77: WHERE?
BillyTheZombie77: OH GOD!
BigDog6700: THERE!
BillyTheZombie77: GET IT OFF!
BillyTheZombie77: AAAH!
BillyTheZombie77: AAAH!
BillyTheZombie77: HOLY SHAT!
BigDog6700: BEAT IT!
BillyTheZombie77: IM BEATING IT BABY!
BillyTheZombie77: MMM! BEAT IT!
BillyTheZombie77: BEAT MY
BigDog6700: ohhhhhhhhhhhh beat it for me!
BigDog6700: ah!
BillyTheZombie77: BEAT BOX!
BigDog6700: p'shaw!
BillyTheZombie77: (sexual reference)
BigDog6700: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
BigDog6700: burn the bloody thing orf and let's be done with it!
BillyTheZombie77: what?
BillyTheZombie77: what?
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuwhat?
BigDog6700: the poop plort you fool!
BillyTheZombie77: oh little john, you make me splortch!
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuwaht?
BillyTheZombie77: bitch!
BillyTheZombie77: yyyeaeeeeaah! bitch!
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuwhat?
BillyTheZombie77: huuuwaht?
BigDog6700: HAHA!
BillyTheZombie77: chicken butt
BigDog6700: TYPO!
BigDog6700: WHO!
BillyTheZombie77: huuuwhat?
BigDog6700: CHICKEN POO!
BigDog6700: HOW?!
BigDog6700: WHEN?!
BillyTheZombie77: i didnt say anything.
BigDog6700: CHICKEN PEN!
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuuhwat?
BillyTheZombie77: i didnt say anything.
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuuwaht?
BillyTheZombie77: i didnt say anything.
BigDog6700: neither did I1
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuuhwa?Y
BigDog6700: huh?
BigDog6700: huhzumm?
BillyTheZombie77: huuuuuuuuuuwhat?
BillyTheZombie77: i didnt say anything.
BigDog6700: huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooooo!
BillyTheZombie77: hooooo-kay
BillyTheZombie77: i read it
BigDog6700: :- )
BillyTheZombie77: it made my laughter organ jiggle in mextacy
BillyTheZombie77: (the mexican extacy)
BigDog6700: no, like texmex the food Austin Grill offers!
BillyTheZombie77: like mexilent
BigDog6700: mexastic!
BillyTheZombie77: (the mexican excellent)
BigDog6700: mexgasm!
BillyTheZombie77: lex luthor?
BillyTheZombie77: where?
BigDog6700: ;-)I'll let you guess at that one!
BillyTheZombie77: VANQUISH!!!
BillyTheZombie77: spoongasm
BillyTheZombie77: like the regular thing but with spoons
BigDog6700: spooooooooooooooooongaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!
BigDog6700: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BillyTheZombie77: no thnka you
BillyTheZombie77: i have hw to do
BillyTheZombie77: and talking to you

BillyTheZombie77: yesm
BigDog6700: mmmmmmkay
BillyTheZombie77: my bread hurts
BillyTheZombie77: oops
BigDog6700: lol
BillyTheZombie77: did i say bread, i meant bled!
BillyTheZombie77: oops
BigDog6700: yay!
BillyTheZombie77: did i say bled?, i meant shed!
BillyTheZombie77: oops
BillyTheZombie77: did i say shed, i meant dead?
BillyTheZombie77: yes
BillyTheZombie77: that the one
BillyTheZombie77: no
BillyTheZombie77: no it isnt
BillyTheZombie77: shed was right
BigDog6700: your dead hurts?
BillyTheZombie77: so: my shed hurts
BigDog6700: shed makes sence!
BigDog6700: wow
BigDog6700: who hurt your shed?
BillyTheZombie77: my shed hurts
BigDog6700: was it kevin again?
BillyTheZombie77: me hurt my shed hurts
BigDog6700: tsk tsk!
BillyTheZombie77: hurting hsed
BillyTheZombie77: hasid
BillyTheZombie77: ic
BillyTheZombie77: jews!
BigDog6700: okr?
BillyTheZombie77: yay!
BigDog6700: woo!
BillyTheZombie77: okarina?
BillyTheZombie77: woob?
BigDog6700: of TIME!
BigDog6700: oooooooooooooooooooooo!
BigDog6700: scuk it bitahc!
BillyTheZombie77: better butter?
BillyTheZombie77: butter butter bitch?
BigDog6700: for my bread!
BillyTheZombie77: better butter butt bitch bred for butt buttering?
BillyTheZombie77: yay!
BigDog6700: huzzaa and good tydings unto thee!
BillyTheZombie77: finally
BillyTheZombie77: (dead)
BigDog6700: yep
BigDog6700: (doa?)
BigDog6700: just (d) I suppose.
BillyTheZombie77: better butter butt bitch bred for butt buttering (i like that, it is humorous)
BillyTheZombie77: butt butter
BigDog6700: lol
BillyTheZombie77: breed butt butter in bitch butt
BigDog6700: ewwwwwwwww
BillyTheZombie77: bred for bitching
BigDog6700: breed?!
BigDog6700: lol!
BigDog6700: sound like a disease.
BigDog6700: butt butter bred for bitching
BillyTheZombie77: it soucnds really funny if you say it fast
BillyTheZombie77: mine are better
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: what your bitches?
BigDog6700: no way.
BillyTheZombie77: buttery butter bettered butt
BillyTheZombie77: blutt
BigDog6700: I got the most prime piece of bitch butt butter around!
BillyTheZombie77: you gonna post this in your blog?
BigDog6700: naw
BillyTheZombie77: you should cuz i dont want my hilarious butter butt jokes to go to waste
BillyTheZombie77: post that part then
BigDog6700: I'll think about it.
BillyTheZombie77: from: BigDog6700: scuk it bitahc!
BillyTheZombie77: to:BillyTheZombie77: bred for bitching
BillyTheZombie77: do it
BillyTheZombie77: now
BillyTheZombie77: post it
BigDog6700: okaaaaaaaaaaay
BigDog6700: *sigh
BillyTheZombie77: yay
BigDog6700: I'm a monkey...
BigDog6700: like oddtodd
BillyTheZombie77: butt butt
BillyTheZombie77: heheheheheh, butt butt
BigDog6700: butt butter
BillyTheZombie77: yuioeah
BigDog6700: better bitches bred for butt butter buttuction
BillyTheZombie77: butticon
BillyTheZombie77: buttcon
BillyTheZombie77: buttericon
BillyTheZombie77: buttbutterburlybutt
BillyTheZombie77: burly butt
BillyTheZombie77: i like that one
BillyTheZombie77: burly butt!
BillyTheZombie77: burly butt buterings
BigDog6700: butterings you fool!
BillyTheZombie77: crap
BillyTheZombie77: oops, i mean butt butter
BillyTheZombie77: ass wine
BillyTheZombie77: sit on grapes!
BillyTheZombie77: to make it
BillyTheZombie77: and sell!
BigDog6700: woo!
BigDog6700: butt...
BillyTheZombie77: yeah
BillyTheZombie77: my butt hurts now
BillyTheZombie77: i mean my shed
BigDog6700: what about the breeding of the butt butter in bitches?
BillyTheZombie77: both hurt
BigDog6700: hazum
BillyTheZombie77: it hurts to smile! and sit! and take things out of my shed!
BillyTheZombie77: shedumba