BigDog6700: hello?
randomperson: hey
BigDog6700: who's this?
randomperson: someone who lives 1000 miles away and knows ur name
BigDog6700: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
BigDog6700: just a tad creepy...
randomperson: almost exactly what nora said
BigDog6700: I'm sure that also means I know you but...
randomperson: no it doesnt
randomperson: bc u dont
BigDog6700: oooooookay
BigDog6700: just got creepier
randomperson: so ur jewish
randomperson: right?
BigDog6700: no
randomperson: atheist
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: pretty much
randomperson: meaning?
randomperson: r u christian?
BigDog6700: I am pretty much an atheist
BigDog6700: but I celebrate christian holidays
randomperson: catholic?
randomperson: i mean, considering maryland was a refuge for catholics and all
BigDog6700: I have no idea
randomperson: u dont know what a catholic is?
BigDog6700: yah
BigDog6700: and I really don't care all that much
randomperson: u seriously dont know what a catholic is?
BigDog6700: yah
BigDog6700: just don't care all that much about religion
randomperson: ur intelligence has 1/2 in my eyes
BigDog6700: ouch
BigDog6700: o well
BigDog6700: I guess it can't be helped
randomperson: sure it can
randomperson: and how come ur not religious?
randomperson: what happens when u die?
BigDog6700: just too logical
randomperson: u or religion?
BigDog6700: can't wrap my brain around religion
BigDog6700: it sorta seems like people are tricking themselves so that they feel better about dying
randomperson: how about living?
BigDog6700: what about it?
randomperson: live morally
BigDog6700: I plan to
randomperson: but u dont pray
BigDog6700: so?
randomperson: therefore u dont talk to god
randomperson: and u cannot fully love man w/o loving god
randomperson: and if u dont pray, how can u beat the devil?
BigDog6700: ummmmmmm
BigDog6700: If I don't believe in either...?
randomperson: eventually the oppression of ur sins will make u live immorally
randomperson: whether u believe in them or not
BigDog6700: ugh
BigDog6700: here's my glib thoughts on the subject
randomperson: and since u wont acknowledge god when he talks to u, u wont b able to get out of ur sinfulness
BigDog6700: ummmm
BigDog6700: well, here's my issue:
are you telling me that because I refuse to aknowledge gods existance I am automatically sinful and evil?

randomperson: no
BigDog6700: yes you are
BigDog6700: and that's just wrong
randomperson: but if u refuse to aknowledge god's existance, u cannot have a change in heart if u become sinful
BigDog6700: what?!
BigDog6700: that's stupid
randomperson: and go read Vatican II
randomperson: it says "just as the ark was neccesary for the animals to survive the flood, so too is the church neccesary for eternal life"
BigDog6700: exactly
BigDog6700: I don't expect enternal life
BigDog6700: I expect existance to end at death
randomperson: so u expect eternal damnation?
BigDog6700: boom! you're dead!
BigDog6700: nothing
BigDog6700: no
randomperson: so death frightens u?
BigDog6700: duh
BigDog6700: but it frightens you too
randomperson: and how do u explain the beginning of the universe
randomperson: nope
randomperson: not at all
BigDog6700: hahahahahaha
BigDog6700: bullshit
randomperson: i look forward to eternal life
BigDog6700: ugggggggghhhhhhh
randomperson: in union w/ the holy trinity
randomperson: dont worry
BigDog6700: okay
BigDog6700: this is getting on my nerves
randomperson: i can throw more dogmas at u than u could duck
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: watch dogma!
BigDog6700: great movie!
BigDog6700: and hey!
BigDog6700: read pholph!
randomperson: ! at the end of everything
BigDog6700: that is an excellent comic
randomperson: u say there r contradictions in the bible
BigDog6700: yes
randomperson: state those
BigDog6700: and I can't vouch for more than one because I've never read it myself except for this one
randomperson: state the one
randomperson: ch1, 2 of genesis?
randomperson: c'mon
randomperson: spit it out
BigDog6700: at one point, one of the diciphles (or however you spell that) said that Jesus was beautiful, tall, blah blah blah and then at the very end, when Jesus was about to be betrayed, the guy that betrays him has to point him out of the crowd because he is so very similar
randomperson: where does it say he is similar
randomperson: ?
BigDog6700: when he is talking to the gaurd
BigDog6700: he has to point him out of the crowd
randomperson: yea
randomperson: but he doesnt say jesus is similar
BigDog6700: true, but to imagine that jesus looked very different from everyone else (especially those in our paintings today) is stupid
BigDog6700: he was more than likely a short, middle eastern man
BigDog6700: and even if he was very different
randomperson: who said he was tall?
randomperson: have u even read the hebrew
randomperson: or the latin?
BigDog6700: ugh
BigDog6700: the height isn't the issue
BigDog6700: the appearance at all is the issue
randomperson: can u distinguish latin prose from poetry?
BigDog6700: oh my god
randomperson: where does it describe jesus
randomperson: ?
BigDog6700: I hate these discussions sooooooo very much
randomperson: well
BigDog6700: because I know I can't sway you from your faith
randomperson: personally, i no latin
BigDog6700: and I refuse to have you push your upon me because people like that enrage me beyond words
BigDog6700: to believe that your beliefe is better than mine is bullshit
randomperson: when u dont believe in anything
BigDog6700: and it makes me angry that you think yourself better because you believe in one thing
BigDog6700: I believe that life ends at death
BigDog6700: end
randomperson: it doesnt make me better
BigDog6700: kapow! that's it
randomperson: i'm sinful
BigDog6700: end of existance
randomperson: but it makes me right
BigDog6700: hahahaha
: wow
BigDog6700: There's a reason it's called a belief
BigDog6700: I don't think I've ever heard someone say that in modern times
BigDog6700: people like you are the reason ji-haad (holy wars) happen
BigDog6700: holy shit
BigDog6700: wow
BigDog6700: this is really really depressing now
randomperson: i never killed neone bc they were wrong
randomperson: errare est humanus
BigDog6700: because your belief is "right" you have the right to enforce your opinion upon others?
randomperson: *humanum
randomperson: nope
BigDog6700: wow
BigDog6700: you my not so friend
randomperson: but it is my duty to try and tell u the true
BigDog6700: are a horrible person
randomperson: y?
randomperson: bc i no god exists
BigDog6700: because you've taken it upon yourself to make yourself superior by way of saying you're right
randomperson: and i'm trying to stop u from hurting urself
BigDog6700: good lord you are the most vile and dispiciable human alive
BigDog6700: really
BigDog6700: I mean
randomperson: worse than those who kill for it
randomperson: ?
BigDog6700: you are saying that you belief raises you above everyone else
randomperson: or those that accuse bc they fear the truth (cough u cough
randomperson: )
randomperson: it doesnt
BigDog6700: oooooooooo!
BigDog6700: yes!
BigDog6700: horrible!
BigDog6700: aaaaaaaaahhhh
BigDog6700: you are the worst ever
randomperson: i'm just saying ur wrong, i'm right
BigDog6700: ahhh!!!!!!!!
randomperson: ahh! what?
BigDog6700: I don't even know where to begin!
BigDog6700: WOW!
BigDog6700: if there was ever a more flawed logical position than THAT...
BigDog6700: I mean
randomperson: u seem just as confident in ur nothing approach as i am in my something approach
BigDog6700: WOW
BigDog6700: just wow
randomperson: what?
randomperson: god exists
randomperson: disprove it
BigDog6700: but I would never force that upon anyone
randomperson: i want to hear y ur right
randomperson: and i'm wrong
BigDog6700: I'm not saying that either of us is right or wrong ( though I could tell you why I think he doesn't exist if you really want), but MY POINT is that if you CHOOSE to believe in god than you KEEP IT TO YOURSELF
BigDog6700: don't wear it on your sleve like a dick
BigDog6700: that's what Bush does
BigDog6700: and it's horrible
BigDog6700: I mean
randomperson: dont proclaim the truth?
randomperson: so columbus should have shut up about the world being round?
BigDog6700: If I walked around with a giant sign saying that:
I'm a aethiest and because of it, your god is fake and I'm right!
wouldn't that make you angry?
Think about me!
I see you walking around parading the speech:
I believe in god so any god you believe in or if you choose not to believe in god, YOU'RE WRONG!

BigDog6700: GOD DOES NOT
randomperson: sure he does
BigDog6700: like what?!
randomperson: what created all of this?
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: don't pull out the creationist bullshit on me
randomperson: what caused the big bang?
BigDog6700: uuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
randomperson: before the second ^-100000000000000
BigDog6700: well, the big bang was created by a collapsed universe
BigDog6700: just like ours is going to do in a couple trillion years
randomperson: so what will pull it all together?
BigDog6700: gravity
randomperson: cant
BigDog6700: yes it can
randomperson: the farther it gets away, the less power it has
BigDog6700: nothing can escape the pull of gravity
BigDog6700: sure
randomperson: r u kidding me?
BigDog6700: it will take hundreds of trillions of years
BigDog6700: but it will happen
randomperson: so a ship cant get out of the earth's gravity?
BigDog6700: no
BigDog6700: because earth is technically in the suns gravity
BigDog6700: and once you escape earth
randomperson: so?
BigDog6700: you enter the sun's
randomperson: thats not the pt
randomperson: ur out of earth's
BigDog6700: I know what you're trying to say
randomperson: voyager III is out of all of that
randomperson: its not gonna sling shot back in
randomperson: u'd need more gravity than originally existed in the closest spot
BigDog6700: my point is is that eventually, if all that existed was one big earth and a space ship, trillionsd of lightyears away, eventually, they'd crash back together
randomperson: not if they were moving away
BigDog6700: the universes expansion is slowing
BigDog6700: because gravity is pulling it to a halt... slowly
randomperson: but the larger it gets, the less it can possibly hold
BigDog6700: true
BigDog6700: but you can never completly escape it
randomperson: if ur btw 2 equal ones, yeah u can
BigDog6700: btw?
randomperson: between
randomperson: and plus
BigDog6700: yeah
randomperson: gravity of that scale
randomperson: ie really small
BigDog6700: but those 2 equal ones are comming together
randomperson: does have the energy to move something so big
randomperson: too much inertia
BigDog6700: au contrare
randomperson: just bc u exert energy doesnt mean its gonna move
BigDog6700: atom by atom over billions of trillions of years!
randomperson: go push ur house
randomperson: it wont move
BigDog6700: true
randomperson: about the same energy in terms expended on the universe
BigDog6700: yep
BigDog6700: but you know
randomperson: so it wont move
BigDog6700: if I were to grab a string
BigDog6700: and tie it to every molecule in the house
BigDog6700: and pulled
randomperson: u'd have a big string
BigDog6700: those molecules closest to me
BigDog6700: would crumble off eventually
randomperson: no
BigDog6700: because I was exerting more force on them then the rest of the house
BigDog6700: then the second layer...
BigDog6700: and third
randomperson: its held by the gravity of the other layers
BigDog6700: like a bad slow motion movie
randomperson: but ur not thinking right
BigDog6700: but then I would exert my force on the second layer!
BigDog6700: and the third
BigDog6700: !
randomperson: sure
BigDog6700: over and over!
randomperson: but they r farther away
BigDog6700: and it would move
randomperson: u cant overcome the inertia
randomperson: too much too far
BigDog6700: but the universe is connected by gravitry
BigDog6700: our galaxy exerts a pull on another
randomperson: how can u b sure?
BigDog6700: and that galaxy in turn pulls on another
randomperson: they r really far apart
BigDog6700: it's like a bungee cord
BigDog6700: it'll strech
BigDog6700: really thin sure
BigDog6700: but after a while
BigDog6700: it'll snap back
randomperson: u dont get the concept
BigDog6700: I do
randomperson: no
BigDog6700: and I know what you mean
BigDog6700: but I'm saying that I can't believe that's true :- )
randomperson: ur bungee cord gets less powerful as it gets stretched
randomperson: not more powerful
BigDog6700: let's put it this way
randomperson: like pulling cotton apart
randomperson: the farther apart the easier it is to do
randomperson: it breaks
BigDog6700: one of our two ideas will be true one day
randomperson: maybe
randomperson: maybe not
BigDog6700: I choose to be more optimistic than you
BigDog6700: because if you're right
randomperson: bc ur universe will decimate everything?
BigDog6700: than eventually all the stars will burn out and there won't be enough energy for the universe to continue existing ith any life at all
randomperson: conservation of energy and matter buddy
BigDog6700: won't matter
BigDog6700: if you are correct than eventually everything would be spread too thin to keep reacting
BigDog6700: and existance will stop
randomperson: ur not on my thought train
randomperson: i'm saying that like an infinity large pool table
randomperson: u hit the balls
randomperson: they go everywhere
BigDog6700: If I'm right than eventually everything will start over
randomperson: but they r still balls
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: but they will be balls with no renwable energy source
BigDog6700: eveything will be lifeless
BigDog6700: cause all the stars will eventually burn out
randomperson: yea
randomperson: and u have matter
randomperson: and it'll clump
randomperson: til it gets hot
randomperson: and collaspes
BigDog6700: but if everything keeps spreading than there won't be anyway to produce the friction needed
BigDog6700: it can't get hot if it doesn't come together
randomperson: the balls spread aparat
randomperson: apart
randomperson: from each other
randomperson: not within itself
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: but they can't do anything
randomperson: so the galaxies stay the same
randomperson: just farther apart
randomperson: sure they can
randomperson: hydrogen gas
BigDog6700: it's all gone
randomperson: clumps
BigDog6700: it was burned
BigDog6700: it's gone
randomperson: gone?
BigDog6700: burned into other substances
randomperson: and they cant clump themselves?
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: than can
BigDog6700: but they won't react
BigDog6700: and besides
randomperson: r u sure?
randomperson: u'd just need a lot of gravity
BigDog6700: they're spreading out remember?
randomperson: the balls
BigDog6700: too thin
randomperson: not the the balls of themselves
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: but those can't come together
randomperson: y not?
BigDog6700: because that is what is spreadin out
randomperson: no
BigDog6700: that's the original premise of this conversation
randomperson: the balls spread away from the other balls
randomperson: but the balls stay the same
BigDog6700: yeah
randomperson: so within the balls
BigDog6700: but the balls can't collapse in on themselves
randomperson: ie galaxies
randomperson: y not?
BigDog6700: earth can't just collapse on itself
randomperson: if it got bigger the center could
BigDog6700: how could it get bigger?
randomperson: u said that the stars would explode
BigDog6700: if they explode than it all speads out
randomperson: but it goes by the other non exploded stuff
BigDog6700: so?
randomperson: gravity...
BigDog6700: earth can't react with other earth
randomperson: its getting closer
BigDog6700: yeah, but it'll eventually get too thin
BigDog6700: and besides
BigDog6700: black holes would absorb a lot of matter
randomperson: so where does it go?
BigDog6700: it gets added to the center and makes the black hole bigger
BigDog6700: enevetually black holes will coat the universe anyway
BigDog6700: they'll collapse together
randomperson: fine
BigDog6700: and that will end everything
randomperson: then we're all gonna die neway
BigDog6700: yay!
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: sorry
randomperson: and live w/ god in happy bliss
randomperson: grin
BigDog6700: I'm kind of a fatalist
randomperson: atheist too
BigDog6700: yup
BigDog6700: okay
BigDog6700: well
randomperson: well what?
BigDog6700: thanks for the theological conversation
randomperson: np
randomperson: come back when u no some stuff
randomperson: i can argue a bit more
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: okay!
BigDog6700: sounds like a plan
randomperson: i get a hr class or religion for 5 yrs
BigDog6700: we'll be arguing buddies :- P
randomperson: hahaha
randomperson: of course
BigDog6700: well look at it this way, you've made it to my buddy list :- )
randomperson: haha
randomperson: nice
BigDog6700: go trogdor!
BigDog6700: w00t
randomperson: propagating myself thorought the north
randomperson: yea
BigDog6700: I know all the homestar secrets :-D
randomperson: peasants quest
BigDog6700: I even have a homestar clone on my site
randomperson: haha
randomperson: howabout homsar?
BigDog6700: yup
BigDog6700: one in each of the halloween cartoons
randomperson: wow
BigDog6700: and one on the main page
BigDog6700: oh right
BigDog6700: and on the characters page
BigDog6700: and one in the dragon e-mail
BigDog6700: :-P
randomperson: geez
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: yep
BigDog6700: I'm kinda ocd like that
BigDog6700: I worry about losing things
BigDog6700: so I save them
randomperson: yea
randomperson: sanity
BigDog6700: none :-)
randomperson: then u cant lose it, neh?
BigDog6700: exactly!
BigDog6700: and hey, if you're ever really bored you can read my blog!
randomperson: ok
randomperson: u gave it too me already
BigDog6700: but please don't post huge essays on religious issues
BigDog6700: if and when I bring them up :- P
BigDog6700: becuase I really don't want to have a huge conversation on my blog with you as well as here
BigDog6700: and just out of curiosity
randomperson: ur city is the smartest eh?
randomperson: well then
BigDog6700: do you mind if I post our conversation?
randomperson: maybe
BigDog6700: I'll take you're sn off
randomperson: ok fine
BigDog6700: :-D thanks
randomperson: but if ur city is the come ya'll r all atheist?
randomperson: jk
BigDog6700: hahahaha
randomperson: but seriously
BigDog6700: well that's based completly on weather or not people have degrees
BigDog6700: and the number thereof
BigDog6700: like we could have the nations dumbest children
randomperson: explain to me why D-D nuclear reactors will come after D-T ones
BigDog6700: and that wouldn't be reflected
randomperson: ah
randomperson: well
randomperson: that sucks then
BigDog6700: don't say anything
BigDog6700: okay
BigDog6700: I thought you were gonna take a jab at me
randomperson: i was gonna say that it sucks that ur rents r smart
BigDog6700: and I'm not? :- P
randomperson: never out argue them
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: I don't argue with my mom
randomperson: hahaha
randomperson: good one
BigDog6700: but my dad I don't really talk to anymore
BigDog6700: cause I stopped going to his house
randomperson: oh
BigDog6700: looooooong story behind that one
randomperson: well i have a 10 page paper to write
BigDog6700: okay
BigDog6700: have fun :- P
randomperson is away at 11:36:59 PM.