May 13, 2004

okay.... I just needed to post

I think someone is hacking my network. Yeah... The wireless connection light keeps blinking even though no one in my house has a wireless internet connection... and now my computer is acting funny and the internet isn't working good. I tried activating 128 bit encrytion, but then none of my computers could connect (note: I'm not stupid I entered the 26 character hex code before I tried using the net! Yes I'm sure it's right! shut up!). So I just went ahead and removed my antenna. Anyway, my sister came home today but she was all tired so it wasn't all super exciting like: "HI LIZ!" "HI KIT!" It was more along the lines of I got home and she woke up for dinner where she made a very groggy grunt/hello like phrase. So I decided to see what the linux club was at Pyle cause I need help setting up my linux computer, but it turned out just to be a bunch of nerds who argued about the efficiency of current proceesors. I now feel sad because I fit right in... *sigh* So that was my day. It was too hot outside and I can't wait for the cicadas, but I found out that at Pyle, 6th graders are eating them left and right... in fact they ate so many they had to put this note on the website:
"There will be no more eating of cicadas, living or deceased, while on school grounds. " with this picture at the bottom:

So Jamie (Werner), you eating a cicada just won't be nearly as exciting now.

Posted by Kickmyassman at May 13, 2004 10:21 PM

you should eat them either still in the pupa stage or right when they coem out of the shell, while they're still white. and you're supposed to cook them.

Posted by: louie at May 14, 2004 03:31 PM
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