May 14, 2004

I'm so ashamed... and disgusted...

So, out of lack of better stuff to do (cause I finished most of my work. shut up)... I watched the pokemon movie. It was horrible! My eyes! THEY BURN WITH THE CORNY ENDING! AND WHY THE FUCK WAS IT SO PUSSY TASTIC?! There were all these parts where people defied Mew2 and he was all "Fuck you asswipe. I know grains of sand more significant than you. Pussy." Then he'd pick them up and start crushing them into an unrecognizble mass when he suddenly pussies out and throws him into water. WHAT THE FUCK?! HE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THE INSABORDINATE FUCKER ON THE SPOT! AUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Than, at the end, Ash says: "We shouldn't focus on the differences in people! We should all be friends! Like giant, blubbering dipshits!" And jumps into the middle of the fighting Mews. Then instead of dying (like he should have) he turns into stone?! And all the pokemon cry and bring him back. ugggggggghhhhhhh... And of course Mew2 decides that they should suffer amnesia and forget the whole incident. Therefore, the whole movie was pointless and I brand the writers at wherever the hell this was written the shittiest writers ever. Yes, they should all be shot for this creation spawned from a giant pile of shit. Oh! And they had these crappy comercials trying to bring back the 80s with Teenage Muntant nija turtles that are, and I quote, "amorized." I have no idea why in the world they call them armorized because they look so ghettofied it's not even funny. The turtles wear like catchers outfits and football helmets. And in an attempt to prepare children to be a completly MTV controlled generation, Cartoon Network now employs an idiot and probibly the most immature girl alive to introduce all their cartoons on Fridays. My head hurts. I'm gonna stop watching TV now. Except the Simpsons. They're awesome.

Posted by Kickmyassman at May 14, 2004 09:54 PM
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