August 04, 2004

More drawings

I'm totally hooked on this webcomic called megatokyo... I can't stand it.. it's so awesome... I'm desparately waiting for the next one to come out each day. And sadly enough, I'm doing this with several webcomics:
MegaTokyo, this one kicks ass but does require some video game knowledge. Also, to get some of the jokes you need to know L33t...
This one is just straight up funny
Go Loserz! W00T!
Jack... This one requires a high tolerance for disturbing themes and gratuitious violence. TV: MA+ Graphic Violence, Disturbing Themes, Nudity, and Hell... Literally
To get any of these jokes you need to have played far to many video games....
Anyway, those are all the webcomics I've read and enjoy (note: I've read all of all of those so I know what's there) And I would reccommend reading Jack with a skeptical eye cause it does seem to enforce some religious themes (like gays and abortion), and it's also really disturbing. Anyway, As for my day I've been working with knoppix (which you can really only get why it's cool with heavy technical knowledge) and I rushed home early to go work on some guy's computer but he couldn't today. Anyway, I was still in drivers ed today and so I have some more doodles. These ones are way better than yesterday's and are also mostly in pencil. Anyway, I put mini-descriptions in the links... enjoy!
Oh yeah, I stayed up too late last night... I were tired was....
My third attempt at re-drawing vengence dude... He keeps getting all... not right
My god that teacher just wouldn't shut up...
My god that teacher just wouldn't shut up...
It's a girl! I think.. I wish... okay so I'm trying
Oh yeah, the fire alarms kept going off at school today. Practically every 2 minutes a voice would come over the P.A. and say "There has been an emergen-" and then again... and again... I hypothesiszed about probably causes for such "emergencies"...
That's all for today! Have fun everyone...

Oh and just so that everyone knows, it's 4 days till my birthday...

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 4, 2004 11:01 PM

haha i liked these a lot- another great webcomic is 8-bit theater, there are some flash animations based on it over at Your drawings are getting a lot better, man. I like em a lot, and look forward to seeing more.

Slightly more sane than usual,

Posted by: Sam at August 5, 2004 12:26 PM

Ha, my evil plan to spread the word of webcomics is working perfectly. Three down and about twenty to go. I'm the only webcomic plugger around here, Sam. I've already shown him 8-bit.

Jack is a very opinionated comic, but I don't see why you consider abortion a purely religous issue, Kit. I mean, I'm pro-choice, myself, but unlike the argument against homosexuality (or lack thereof) there actually is some logic against abortion. I'm sure we can all agree that birth control isn't murder, but what about abortion during the second trimester? It's hard to draw the line about where life begins and I can understand that some people don't like the idea of potential life being lost... Yeah, enough of that. I need to start spending less time on the debate section of forums. And sleep, sleep would help. Moving on.

That fire alarm was extremely annoying. It had been going on since before I arrived, 8AM yesterday, and was still going at 1PM, today. It was sort of funny, actually, since as part of the health speakers we had some convicts talk to us and they said it was very reminiscent of prison.

Nice drawings there. Much better that anything I could do (but you already knew that) and constantly improving. I've often wondered what makes the difference between male and females (besides breasts and hair) in drawings, myself. I can definitely see it, but I can't pinpoint why. Killing two birds with one stone, perhaps this webcomic will help you, It should allow for plenty of, ahem, opportunity for comparison (you'll get it).

Man, maybe I should finally take you up on your offer of my own blog. This comment was nearly as long as your post.

Posted by: Bio at August 5, 2004 03:33 PM

Ah yes, indeed brian you've conditioned me to enjoy the many of the webcomics that exist on the web, but just so that you know I don't think of Jack as really being all that religious, I just said read with a wary eye because it has the undertones of convincing you of what is good and bad. What gets you into heavan and hell... And sure it's not forcing it down your throat or anything, but the ability to sway your notons of good and evil are there.

Posted by: Kit at August 5, 2004 07:19 PM

Well, of course the religous and moral undertones are there. I noticed that on my first read, as well. Then again, most things could be said to preach their opinion in one form or another and, if anything, Jack is safer than most in that it's so blatant about it. He even makes light of this point in the comics where someone shares their opinion of books by David Hopkins. Jack is somewhat dangerous in the level of logic it displays, but, personally, I feel that if a person is secure in their opinion it can't be changed against their will. Still, I agree that despite the benifits of an open mind, taking everything with a grain of salt is a good philosophy.

Note: Don't take any of this personally, I just like playing devil's advocate.

Posted by: Bio at August 5, 2004 08:16 PM

Huzzah for wholesome discussion!!!!

Posted by: Sam at August 6, 2004 11:30 AM
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