August 17, 2004

Huzaa for Chobits!

     Huzaa! I just finished Chobits (an anime series that I absolutely love (huzaa!(HUZAA!!))) and really the only reason I'm telling you this is cause I felt like I must come off as the devil after yesterday's entry (okay really today's earlier entry but you know what I mean), and I thought I'd just give you the flip side of me. Chobits started out as a comedy which was pretty (ahem) male oriented, but towards the 15th episode it turns into a pretty girlish drama. And not to give anything away, but in the end it's a "love triumphs over all" kinda situation and it made me all warm and fuzzy cause I was like "HOORAY FOR HIDEKI AND CHII!!" And it was chick fliktastic. So anyway, this was what I expected to happen and it seemed like the way the story was meant to be. Where as in Manchurian Candidate, it seemed like the script writers didn't want anyone to be depressed so they made it all happy-go-lucky. Blech! YOU BASTARDS RUINED A PERFECTLY GOOD MOVIE!
     Besides that, I went and had some surfing lessons today. I did alright, but I kept not doing one thing (which, for sake of brevity, I won't explain) and so when I tried to stand up I wiped out. So after two hours (and only like 3 successful surfs), we decided we'd rent some boards and wetsuits and we're gonna surf like all this week. That's bout all that happened today. And for Brian, after episode 12, the out-of-synchyness goes away.

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 17, 2004 10:04 PM

You and your incessant mind reading. A twist at episode 15, ey? It's sort of funny that the most recent episode I've seen is 14. What, are there no more stories about underwear and magazines? You need to let me borrow some of those DVDs when you get back. Or if you'd prefer a trade, I'll let you borrow a couple hundred of my DVDs in exchange for Chobits and Metropolis.

Posted by: Bio at August 18, 2004 12:14 AM

hahahahahahahaha! Brian, I'm re-watching it with you dude.

Posted by: kit at August 18, 2004 02:58 PM
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