August 25, 2004

NO more numbers damn me!

     Well, I'm back. And despite the fact that school starts next week, I've pretty much fallen back into the usual pattern. I've got some new work from someone who wants to junk their computer. And I just bought a crapload more Anime (ahhhhhh!!!! I've gona crazy for anime!!!). The two new Anime that I'm getting are:
   * .hack//Sign
   * Please teacher
     Now, I know that second one sounds dirty (and to be quite honest, it is a little), but it's actually got an awesome sounding plot! Here's the gist of it (WARNING! 23Mb! Right Click and save target as!!!). Besides that I relly don't have to much to talk about. Except I'm gonna try Sure! I know what you're all thinking: "Has Kit gone crazy?! That's a scam!!!" But look!!! Justification!! So if you feel like lending me a hand, sign up! And go through one trial period! It doesn't need a credit card number. It only needs you address. And, if enough people go for it, there'll be free ipods for all. And, as additional justification, my sister's boyfriend does this ALL THE TIME. In fact, just this morning he recieved another season of highlander, and a wireless mouse and keyboard system FOR ONE TRIAL. He does it all the time to! He gets free crap all the time. So, I thought (after watching him mock me again) that I should give it a shot. And so, I gave felipe a helping hand and I'm going for it too!!!

If you are going to sign up and want to help me, please use either the link to free that I gave you adove or this link:

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 25, 2004 05:19 PM

Ah, I love that preview so much. I told you it was the best premise ever. Let's just hope schoolwork holds off long enough for us to watch them.

I'd like to help you with the iPod thing, but my parents won't let me go through with it. On the plus side, they said they'd buy me an iPod if I really wanted one.

Posted by: Bio at August 25, 2004 09:24 PM
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