August 26, 2004

A philisophical discussion

Sam: hey uh
Sam: guess what time it is
Sam: on monday
Sam: maybe
Sam: if u like my cd
Sam: ?
BigDog6700: uhhhhhh
BigDog6700: monday?
BigDog6700: school day?
BigDog6700: (it is!)
Sam: yes, and
Sam: advertise sam's cd on your blog shamelessly day!
Sam: (please?)
BigDog6700: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Sam: hahahahahaha
Sam: !!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: BRAIN HURTS!!!!!
Sam: haahahahahahahah
Sam: how could a one syllable word make me smile so much?
Sam: hahahahahaha
Sam: naw u dont hafta
BigDog6700: which one?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: OWWWWWWW!!!!11
Sam: no
Sam: brain?
BigDog6700: huzaa!
Sam: try duck tape
Sam: but i do need a way to get the word out
Sam: i'm givin ppl free ones to help
BigDog6700: well
BigDog6700: wait till your school starts
BigDog6700: put up a poster
BigDog6700: then have ppl ask you
Sam: yeah but honestly
Sam: a lotta ppl at my school are asses
BigDog6700: yup
Sam: yeah you already knew that
BigDog6700: :-[
Sam: and i'm worried ya kno
BigDog6700: eh
Sam: someone mite make fun of me or somethin...
BigDog6700: I mean
BigDog6700: you take a risk
Sam: true
Sam: plus
Sam: whats there to make fun of?
Sam: worst case
BigDog6700: and by gratuitusly advertising on MY site, you don't get the word out
Sam: true
BigDog6700: you get the word out to people you already know
Sam: jah
Sam: like you
Sam: and the ppl i gave it to free....
Sam: hahahahaahahaha
Sam: maybe it wasnt a good idea
BigDog6700: like people you know who got it for free
BigDog6700: see
BigDog6700: if you're good
BigDog6700: and want to show it
BigDog6700: then you take risks
BigDog6700: I'm not going to tell you you are or are not
BigDog6700: but sam
Sam: yeah
Sam: ?
BigDog6700: this is your choice, is this what you want to be labled as?
BigDog6700: forever?
BigDog6700: that's what you take
BigDog6700: regardless of weather or not you do it anymore
Sam: um
BigDog6700: it is your reputation
BigDog6700: this is what people will know you for
BigDog6700: and think of you as
Sam: um.
BigDog6700: when ypour high school friends see you at work, and they say:hey sam: still making tunes?
Sam: i can deal with that
BigDog6700: and others will find out
BigDog6700: it will be with you
Sam: i dont think it'd be that serious
BigDog6700: no matter what, where, who, or when.
: if you take it seriously
Sam: um
BigDog6700: but if you hand out cd's to your friends and they tell you they hated it then it stops there
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: you have to know what you want
BigDog6700: and if you want it
BigDog6700: is it something you want with you forever
BigDog6700: ?
Sam: um
Sam: i dunno
Sam: i mean now
BigDog6700: that's the decision you'll make
Sam: by selling a cd?
BigDog6700: the guru resigns
BigDog6700: :- P
Sam: dude
Sam: what percent of the time were u serious?
BigDog6700: 100
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: I mean
BigDog6700: I'll be IT man forever
Sam: haha
BigDog6700: *I.T.
Sam: yeah
BigDog6700: regardless of weather or not I want to
Sam: i'm already techno music man
BigDog6700: no
BigDog6700: not yet
BigDog6700: you aren't public
Sam: yeah i am
BigDog6700: you haven't shed this light onto yourself
Sam: i showed ppl the music i like
Sam: and since its not mainstream
BigDog6700: this is something that regardless of weather or not your school knows you do, they haven't affiliated the image with you yet
Sam: hm
Sam: so all this comes with selling a cd?
BigDog6700: yes
BigDog6700: it's something that's says you do this
Sam: aw well thats not too bad
BigDog6700: "I do this seriously and I want you to respect that"
Sam: yeah
Sam: i can do that
Sam: but if we hang
BigDog6700: "in fact, not only do I want you to respect this, I want you to pay to respect it."
Sam: YES!
Sam: W00T!
BigDog6700: but
Sam: but...
BigDog6700: that demands a LOT of people
Sam: true
BigDog6700: if it was you signing
BigDog6700: than that would require a talented voice
BigDog6700: and people can eaisily respect a powerful voice they don't have
Sam: well i'm doin musical this yr
Sam: and tryiin out for vocal jazz band
BigDog6700: whereas if it's something they cannot do, they repect it
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: *they can do
BigDog6700: they don't repect it
Sam: no i c
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: you see
Sam: well if i c u sun
Sam: lets audition the cd
BigDog6700: people could do what you do with almost as well, but it would only require time
Sam: true
BigDog6700: and that;s something, few people can sacrifice

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 26, 2004 12:01 AM

That was some pretty terrible advice, Kit. Things that you do in highschool are lucky to even last the duration. Highschool is a time when you can do what you want and experiment, not caring what others think about it because as soon as highschool ends no one will remember. Now is the time to live for the moment. There won't be any more chances to do that. Of course, exceptions exist, but in most situations all that will happen is use as a talking point in a reunion far away, when no one cares, anymore. Even if they do remember, though, why should you care what people who aren't your friends think? In other words, Sam, I say go for it.

Anyway, it seems the plan to advertise on Kit's blog sort of worked. This is the first I've heard of a CD. Any chance I can get a freebie?

Posted by: Bio at August 26, 2004 02:21 PM

hahahahahaha FREE? well i can email u a preview, like one mp3 file. If you like it, the cd is 5 dollars and its like an hour long. Most of it is extended dance or techno but some is different. Contact me if u want a copy or somethin. AIM at SammaN421, and the email is the same except stick on THanks for your interest in my cd, man!

Posted by: sam at August 26, 2004 08:54 PM
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