August 26, 2004

100 Entries E-Mail Distpatch

Just what the titles says. The emails for the 100 entries comments have been dispatched. I'm gonna add some more, and I need to make the second part. But it'll do for now.

Added three images:
Now there are 18

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 26, 2004 04:07 AM

Well, that was pretty neat, even if there are only fourteen pics. Most of them got a laugh out me. Yeah, not much to say about it, except I think the corruption pic is a dud. Once I was told what to look for, finding all nine was easy.

Posted by: Bio at August 26, 2004 01:57 PM

Hey Brian! Just fyi, there are 15 images! What's the number of the first item in an array? I'll give you a hint: the -1 is not there to say there are 14 images smart one.

18 Images!

Posted by: Kit at August 26, 2004 08:17 PM

uh kit? didnt get the email, man sorry.. if you need my address just im me, or stick to the end of my AIM address. Later!

Posted by: sam at August 26, 2004 08:50 PM
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