August 31, 2004

I wish books had all the answers.

     Well, today, I was feeling particularly tired. Not because it was any particular reason. I think my body just may be adjusting to East Coast time still. I had even gone to bed early and I still felt exaughsted. Blech. I woke up for school at 6:16 am, as usual, but I think my clock may be wrong. Oh well. I hopped out of bed and went downstairs where I immediately hopped on the couch and stayed in a not-quite-asleep-not-quite-awake state for about 30 minutes. When mom made her second pass while heading upstairs to get out of her pjs and into her work clothes she said:
     "Are you gonna walk the dog today Kit?" I said my yes in a usual chipper voice despite being totally exaughsted. I got up at about 6:45 and started to get together all my school stuff. As I went through my bag I noticed that I still had two oh my anime series left in my bag. I sighed and though about how my friends from japanese class had practically pillaged my collection.
     "I'll have to start nagging them like today about getting them back cause I know they won't return it otherwise." I sighed to myself. I hate loaning things. Too much uncertinty involved. As I finally had all my stuff together I looked at the kitchen clock. It was about 6:52. I went upstairs and got dressed and put on some socks. I was out of shorts, and all my clothes were in the laundry. I asked my about it and she said she had cleaned the shorts and they were all in my clothes bin downstairs. As I passed by the computer on the way to the laundry room I checked to see how my downloads were going. It had been a while since I had used kazaa, but I still remembered how long downloads took, especially the weird ones. One was currently downloading, but it said that it would take 243 hours to finish. The other one said that it was waiting, but it had already finished half. I cancelled the slow one and hiked up the accelerator. I got up and found my shorts, but they weren't the ones I was hoping for.
     Ever since middle school, I've been exceedingly cautious about the length of the legs on my shorts. I was basically called a queer for a year because I was too lazy to buy new shorts. So as I looked on at what my mom had cleaned, I was dissappointed to find only one pair of shorts that, in my mind, were socially unacceptable. Unfortunately, the day was hot and I didn't really feel like wearing sweatpants, my only other option. So, I put on the shorts with a shirt that really was too short as well.
     Oh well, no one ever really comments, I guess it's probibly all in my head. I thought to myself. And more than likely I'm right, but I never really could "read" social acceptances very well anyway. When I finally got my clothes on I walked up with my laundry bin passed the kitchen clock again. it was almost seven.
     Guess I should hurry up and walk the dog. I got my shoes on and thought about the fact that my sandles still smell horrible. I really wonder why my feet smell so awful... but I've tried everything, I should just live with it... I was pulling on my sneakers though, not my sandles, and so that wouldn't really matter today. I got the leash and called over sophie. She wasn't looking at me, and due to the fact that she's almost completely deaf now I had to walk over and tap her to get her up. I popped the choke chain on and we went out for our usual morning walk. I thought about how I might be late and therefore I should cut our walk short, but today I was a little spacy. So I walked all the way anyway.
     When I got back, mom was waiting sipping coffee at the door, I grabbed my bag after taking the leash off sophie. She dropped her tail with the realization we'd be gone for the day. It was kind of sad to watch her nowadays because she's just getting so old. Sophie is almost thirteen now. No time to think about that, I've got to get to school.
     I got to school after my usual 15 minutes of NPR and shifting the car for my mom while she drinks coffee. I jumped out of the car and waved my mom goodbye as I made my usual dash for school. Today started with homeroom again. Not that's particularly interesting. It just meant that the classes would be off again.
     I went to math where we worked on linear equations and functions and the difference between the two. As we walked through each step I felt like I knew most of it, and I was one of the only people to chime in when she asked a question. I corrected her once because she accidentially said that a linear equation was automatically a linear function, but it was rwally the other way around. Blah blah, yak yak, Here's your homework for today. It was another simple assignment that just takes a lot of time, but not effort. After that I had chorus, where I decided I was most comfortable in the mid range: low tenor high bass. But I really like tenor much more than bass, so I'm aiming for the former. I went on to Mr. Elestines class, where I realized that I still didn't like his class and I didn't feel like being in it. He's a nice guy (...most of the time), but I don't like him and he doesn't like me. So I think I may switch out of his class. On to japanese... mmmmmyep. Then I had lunch. The line system changed this year, and I actually finished my entire lunch before I was able to leave the line. I was there for almost 15 minutes. I went up to the computer lab, but Mr. Thomas wasn't there. So I just ended up doing nothing for the rest of my lunch.
     Around came sixth period and with it chemestry. My lab group consists of Jacob, Jack, Brian, and myself. Then the teacher gave us some silly algebra-ish stuff to do at home. Of course I did fine up until I needed to do a problem without calculator aid. I checked and I was wrong, but I left it unchanged cause it's better to be truthful and wrong than pull it out of your ass. After that I went to programming 2. Java. Yeah, I feel like I know what's going to happen: I'm going to sit in class and finish all my projects really early and learn everything from the book. I really don't like Ms Song's teaching. Even though she explains and knows (I think) what she's talking about, the way she phrases things always makes it seem like she has no idea what she's talking about. After I finished up that class I went to English. I had been dreading this all day. During the summer, I had been informed that I have to read 2 choice books and one required book. If this had been the whole story, than I would have probibly had no problem, but, this was NOT the whole story.
     During my 9th grade year we were meant to read Ender's game. This was the book which helps you understand what's happening in the sequel: Speaker for the Dead, a required summer reading book. My teacher, however, chose instead to have us read four plays instead of Ender's Game. Now, this means that I have to read two choice books and two required books! Which, I was completely unwilling to do. So, I've read about 5% of one choice book and both of the required summer reading books. Which is an issue because as I understand it: My English teacher does not deal well with students that ignore school work. All of this I take upon as my own fault but it still makes me worry.
     When I got to my English class my teacher made the announcement that she would not be in the class today. I was safe for one more day. Instead the head of the English department came and taught us instead. We talked about speeches and what terms and things to look for in them. It was somewhat interesting, but still I managed to lose focus and watched the clock.
     School let out with a quick bell. I dashed to see if I could catch Sanjeev on his way home. It's an old habit, I know, but I still like bumming out at his house until the bus comes. I waited up near Whittier Woods for a while, but I didn't see Sanjeev so I assumed that he had gotten out early and had beaten me to his house. I started walking, and I admired the scenery. I listened to a few of the dis-jointed conversations around me, but nothing caught my interest. Soon I was at Sanjeevs house, but a quick look around told me he hadn't gotten home yet. I waited at the bus stop, and then saw Sanjeev with his trumpet case headin' down the sidewalk. I met up with him and ended up sittin' around watching tv with him till about 3:30.
     I ran out to catch the bus, but I missed the 29. I waited around and as it turned out I hadn't missed the 32. I made it home and watched tv, checked the kazaa downloads. It turned out that I made it just in time to see the end of the download. It had one minute and a few seconds left. It turned out to be in japanese with subtitles, so I was dissapointed, but I still liked it. It was, of course, Azumanga Daioh, and I learned a new little ditty:
Tsukurimashou! Tsukurimashou! Sate Sate nani ga dekiru ka na!
Let's make something! Let's make something! Well then, I wonder what's going to be made?
     After that I watched tv. It was an average day, nothing too interesting had happened, I still had homework though. So after watching tv for a while, and realizing that I still hated everything that was currently on except for the Fairly Odd Parents, I started my homework. It took roughly an hour, not much, but enough to make me not want to do it. After I finished up I went down to the computer and read all the webcomic updates that happened today.
     I looked at Megatokyo and wondered what was going to happen to poor Piro. His heart it torn by his want to be with Nanasawa but he doesn't think he's good enough. And even if he did fall in love with her, what would become of poor Sonoda?! She love's Piro! And Piro can't seem to devote the time he needs to to really figure out what he wants. Sigh. I hate webcomics. Well, not really, I just hate how into them I become. I just wait for the next relationship to develope, it's more addicting than daytime drama, only more humor and better made.
     At dinner I talked about how I really just needed the book from my programming class and the AP credit from the final exam. I didn't really like or need the teacher. My Mom said that I should ask to do an independant study in the class so that I could move at my own pace and get the whole thing down at my own pace. I thought it seemed like a good idea, but I'm not sure how Ms. Song would react to being asked that. Especially because she is so used to having people just play games in her class. SO I thought about it. Then, my Mom said I should talk to my counsoler about switching out of Mr. Elestines class. Well, they seemed like interesting ideas, but I need to just get through the next two weeks and finish my summer reading.

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 31, 2004 10:09 PM

Gah, your name/info thing STILL doesn't remember me. Remind me never to sleep with it, because I would so regret it in the morning.
As for your story thing, I realized something while reading it. You sounded a lot like me, with my shit-I-did-today rambling. You know what's sad? I enjoyed reading it.
People called you a "queer" for wearing too-short shorts? Your reason, supposedly, was you were too lazy to buy new shorts. I can't think of anything more typical of a straight male than being too lazy to buy clothes. These were probably the same people who called me a slut for making out with my boyfriend at a school dance. (Hello? BOYFRIEND?!!) People are dumb-asses.
How is the lunch line different this year? I wouldn't know. You people with lunches think you're so great.
Japanese song: sounds like the Barney bag song. That sentence really doesn't sound right.
Be a techie for Les Mis! Techies are amazing!
Switch into one of my classes, 'cause I'm awesome.

Posted by: at September 1, 2004 10:24 PM

Well, the main reason that it won't remember you is because your "privacy" settings are too high. To change it, go to tools, internet options, privacy and set it to accept all cookies.

Posted by: kit at September 2, 2004 11:11 AM

Eh... right, carry on :)

Posted by: Nastiban at August 20, 2005 04:18 PM
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