October 03, 2004

Lack of blogdom

     Yup, I know, oh well. I just didn't get around to it for two days. If you're psycologically scarred from my lack of updates, then you need to get a life. But if you were bummed, I understand. Anyway, some nifty things happened while I was "gone" so I'll post.
     So on friday the men's choir had to sing the StarSpangled banner at the homecoming game. We did surprisingly well. I thought it sounded nice minus the kinda odd feeling of singing into the mics and haveing our voices come back like a split second after us, so it was like a big ass echo which was kinda hard to sing with. But it worked out in the end and Mr. Davidson said if we'd been in a competition, it would've been a 1... not a 1+ cause it wasn't perfect, but still pretty damn awesome.
     Then I came home and waited for my DVD. Sam came over, and he'd just got a set of nunchucks in the mail, so I pulled out my set and I showed him what I knew. Sure, I'm not fantastic, but I'm better than sam. Don't believe that I'm a nunchuck kinda guy? Well I am so there. Anyway, he also showed me Def Jam Vendetta despite my desparate pleas againt it. It wasn't really all that bad a game as far as gameplay was concerned, but it was ridiculas how obvious it was aimed at clueless white people (no offence sam). Like, they used the word bitch for shock value, and the people were using all really overused phrases that blended into mainstream America. All in all I thought that the fighting system was't all that bad, but the overall game was pretty awful.
     The next day I woke up crossing my fingers that my new Kanon dvd would be here. It turned out it wasn't, and it actually showed up right as Sam was walking out the door. But instead of just being able to watch it I ended up going out driving to the Home Depot. It was my first time on the freeway and good god is merging at 60mph a frightening as fuck. So we made it alive to the home depot, and I just went into the BestBuy next door and tried to get on the internet. They fixed the original issue which was that they allowed you to visit bestbuy.com, and all you have to do at bestbuy.com is enter:
<a href="http://www.google.com">a</a>
into the searchbox and then click on the "a" in the line that reads
We’re sorry. We did not find any matches for a.
     It will take you to google.com, and at google punch in the web address you're trying to go to and it will automatically give you a link. Then you can feel free to browse the net! But like I said, on some of the computers, especially the laptops, they put up some sort weird demo application. But I'm smart! So I figured out a simple way around those. Find a laptop with built-in wireless. At the demo application main screen, there should be a code identifying the demo code in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. If you double click the demo code (I'm not quite sure where, but you have to hit somewhere on it), and the screen will minimize onto the desktop where you now have adminstrator access to the computer. For those of you who are good with computers you should already know what to do, for the others...
     All you have to do it go to the task bar in the bottom right-hand corner, and find the symbol that looks like two computers. There should be two identical ones (except one may have a big X over it and the other might not). If you hold your mouse over them long enough, one should say: "A local area connection has been unplugged." Double-click on the other one. There should be a screen up that reads something like: "There are several wirless networks available please select one below:" Click on the netowork named "Best Buy" (or something like that, just not the one named "HP something"), and check off the option that says: "Allow me to connect even though this network is not secure" And viola! You now have internet access! If not, you probably have to edit the DNS settings which basically means: Move on, that computer is no good.
     Anway, we got back home after a while, and I invited Brian over to watch Kanon with me. We ended up going to Caltor, and we ate dinner, than I felt like seeing in Negima volume 3 was at Barnes and Noble and we ended up having quite the adventure...
     So we got on the Bethesda 8 track and were heading into Bethesda, when suddenly, the bus driver pulled over, opened the doors, and said:
     "Hold on one second I'm gonna go get a sandwich! And he ran into subway and got a sandwich, while we all sat there bewildered. So then we made it to Barnes and Noble and got off. It turns out that Negima 3 won't be out till sometime between October 12th and October 26th. SO I placed an order for it and they'll call me when it gets in. Then the exciting part of the night happened. So we were heading down to blockbuster, and we passed the Dunkin' Donuts, and I said what the hell, wanna donut? And we went in and we asked what she had and she said "Just gimme a tip and I'll give you them for free. Actually, if you guys would take out the trash for me I'll give you al the donuts you want because they all go in the trash anyway. " So we too a whole bunch (Brain still says it wasn't enough), and took out the trash in exchange. It was fucking awesome, we couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.
     Anyway, we watched Kanon and ate donuts. Kanon was really, really sad and the donuts were really tasty. and that's what happened over the past two days.

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grrr... :-P

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