October 03, 2004

A few quick claculations

BillyTheZombie77: how mayn anime dvds do you have now?
BillyTheZombie77: a kajillion?
BigDog6700: DVDs? or actually complete series?
BillyTheZombie77: btoh
BillyTheZombie77: both
BigDog6700: Well, for each series there's 3 dvds
BillyTheZombie77: tellme both noombers
BigDog6700: hold on
BigDog6700: I gotta think
BigDog6700: lets see
BigDog6700: I own...
BigDog6700: Please Teacher
BigDog6700: Excel Saga
BigDog6700: FLCL
BillyTheZombie77: (huzzah)
BigDog6700: Chobits
BigDog6700: Read or Die
BigDog6700: Azumanga Daioh DVDs 1-4
BigDog6700: Kanon
BigDog6700: Metropolis
BigDog6700: Ah! My goddess!
BillyTheZombie77: AH!
BigDog6700: Ah! My Goddess the movie
BillyTheZombie77: i know
BillyTheZombie77: oh
BillyTheZombie77: nvm
BillyTheZombie77: lol
BigDog6700: .Hack// Sign
BigDog6700: no, I mean I own Ah! My Goddess the movie and Ah! My Goddess the series
BillyTheZombie77: k
BillyTheZombie77: i got it
BigDog6700: and that's it
BillyTheZombie77: howm any is that?
BigDog6700: let's copunt!
BillyTheZombie77: lets copulate!
BigDog6700: 10 series
BigDog6700: which adds up to...
BigDog6700: 24 DVDs
BillyTheZombie77: wooo
BigDog6700: which is an outrageous number of hours of Anime
BillyTheZombie77: yeah
BillyTheZombie77: it is
BigDog6700: lets count the number of hours!
BillyTheZombie77: lol
BillyTheZombie77: can you make me an illegal copy of FLCL?
BigDog6700: each episode is on average 25 minutes
BigDog6700: 139 episodes (about...)
BigDog6700: 3475 minutes of anime
BigDog6700: which is...
BillyTheZombie77: holy poo
BigDog6700: 57 hours of anime
BillyTheZombie77: (exploding mind)
BigDog6700: giver or take a few
BillyTheZombie77: (boggles!)
BigDog6700: wee!

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 3, 2004 09:28 PM
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