October 04, 2004

Half days are nuts

     Wow, is it really almost halfway through the first quarter? Man time flies, you know? Yup. Well, today was crazy as the title suggests, and yet nothing really happened. I might as well give you my mini-review of Kanon because that's all I can really think of doing for today.
     My dear lord Kanon was amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to watch it all the way through. And at some point this week if I have enough time I'll probibly watch it through again. Yeah, I know I'm a dork but here was my thoughts on it. I really liked the artistic style. It wasn't anything particularly fancy, and it really doesn't look nice in close ups of faces, but it looked beautiful overall. And the music was very nice and placid. You really didn't even notice it most of the time because it was so well blended into the moments that they decided to use it. The main character was named Aizawa Yuuichi (For those of you who don't know about Japanese naming that means his last name was Aizawa, first name Yuuichi). He was a pretty down to earth guy, he was kinda whiny at times, but it was pretty great because he always made fun of the girls he hung out with. Not maliciously, but enough to the point where you could believe he was a real person, not some perfect knight in shining armor who came to save everyone and get all the girls. The Premise behind the show was that Yuuichi's parents were diplomats or something of the sort that required them to move around a lot, and so occationally, Yuuichi was forced to live with his relatives. Seven years ago, he moved to this small town where it snowed quite often to live with his aunt and cousin. Their names were Akiko and Nayuki. The show begins where after these seven years he is forced to move back into the town but he's forgotten almost everything and everyone he ever met in the town. The family characters were interesting...
     Akiko wasn't a very moving charater in a lot of ways simply because how she acted. She only remembered things when it was good for a plot point, and she never voiced her ridiculas beliefs on the subject. But her kindness won you over and you feel bad and good about her in the end when the story begins to revolve around her. Then Nayuki has a kinda...

     Anyway, all in all I liked her character, and she has probably the greatest morning face ever. Next up is the school cast. Most of the other plotlines stem from people Yuuichi meets in school, and have a tendancy to not be such heart-wrenchers, and due to the fact that this was based on a dating simulation game, the characters here had a tendancy to lack in backround information. Which was really my only complaint when it came down to the characters. You didn't really get to know where they were comming from sometimes. The first two people you meet are Misaka Kaori and I think his name was Kitagawa Jun. Kitagawa Jun ends up just being a side character who gets no attention overall, and Misaka gets a mini-sop story of her own, which doesn't actually center around her, it centers around her sister Shiori. I thought they went a little overboard at the very, very end of the series with her story, but you'll see what I mean if you ever watch it.

     The you meet an odd and interesting character named Mai. Mai's storyline is at best confusing, despite how you feel about it at the end.

Anyway, I could go on to my favorite character Ayu, and some of the other not so important ones, but I really need to head to bed. Night all (note: I might finish this tommorow...)

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