October 11, 2004

I think someone put vaseline on my teeth when I wasn't looking... or felling for that matter...

     Yup. Braces: gone. More on this at eleven... or maybe we'll fight the frizzies! Yep, I'm just a tad bit ecstatic. Mainly because even though I got a day off of school to go get my worst enemy off me, I ended up spending the whole day in one form of dentistits office or another.
     It started at ten, when I got my braces off. Immediately after that I was rushed to the desntists' office where I got my teeth cleaned. The I went out to lunch for an hour reprive. While out to lunch, I noticed a contest across the street with one of those box with money blowing around and they had a big stand next to it and we ended up signing up for the lottery drawing and my mom was able to name a tune and got a chance inside the money box. I wish I'd had a camera on me cause they blindfold you to keep the paper from cutting your eyes and to make it a little bit harder. So my mom was desparately grabbing at the air and stuffing money down her blouse for the ten seconds they gave her. She ended up grabbing $16 bucks. We also apparently we won the lottery drawing, but we had already finished my dental appoints by thena and that's skipping ahead anyway.
     So after this one hour lunch break (during which we ended up getting pizza and my first music CD I ever purchased myself. It was They Might Be Giants: The Spine). I went back to the dentists and had a cavity filled and a bunch of sealants applied. So after I was done with this grueling 3.5 hour dentistry filled day, I was ready to head home, kick back and relax. But of course the moment we got home we got a call from my orthosdontist informing me that my mold had not come out and that we'd have to come back to take another. So we did. It made me gag. But now my day is done, and I was able to enter two more mario tunes:
Platformin tune
The song from the end of Super Mario Bros. 2

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