October 12, 2004

Grag! I hate missing school when there's work to be done.

     So once again I missed most of school today. Not because of something good like getting my braces off, but because I was sick. Blarg. I hate being sick. Especially when I didn't want to be sick because that would mean that I had twice as much make up work than if I'd not been sick. ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!! And the funny thing was is that I held out going to the nurse till the middle of second period, then when I went there and said I just wanted to lay down for a period, she told me to either go home or go back to class. So, since I wasn't felling up to par at all at that point, I chose to go home. Grump. I got to sleep, which was good. But then (since I had already missed so much school) I didn't have any homework so I just ended up finishing punching in all but one of my mario tunes. Here you go:
Underworld tune
The star type song
Oh right, and the finished project. The finished product is missing three of the mini tunes that go between the second to last and last song (For those of you going by my naming system, between Overworld 2 theme and Platformin'). The tunes its missing are the victory tune from Super Mario World 1 (I think) and the distressy music that is from somewher in mario I just have no clue where. Oh right and it's also missing a snippett of music from the secret cloud world in Super Mario World 1 when you have the blue yoshi. If you have the sheet music for that, I'd be forever in you debt!

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 12, 2004 08:20 PM
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