October 26, 2004

Kit is a blog Nazi?!

     Well I was told today that I'm a blog nazi because I dicatate what people should and should not write in their blogs. I guess it sort of did come off that way. And I did seem to say: If you write about your daily life without any abstractions, you're dull. Which, in my opinion, I think is kinda true. But I shouldn't say: don't do that or I'll chastize you severly! I should say: if you're my friend I already know what you do each day, I'm there! But if I don't really know you reading about your day gives me come insight into who you are and what you do. Anyway, here:

Liz: you are a blog nazi
Auto response from BigDog6700: GLARGNOKBLOFNOFSKI!
Liz: your friends should be able to have them and post whenever they want
Liz: it is not up to you to dictate what makes a "good" blog
Liz: gar
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: damn straight
BigDog6700: no blog for you!
Liz: I'm just saying
Liz: it's awful of you to dictate what your friends can write
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: I don't dictate it
Liz: they read yours without laying down assinine rules
Liz: assanine
Liz: whatever
BigDog6700: hahahaha
Liz: dont
BigDog6700: good word thopugh :- P
Liz: laugh
Liz: pooper
BigDog6700: poop
Liz: shit
BigDog6700: it's just cause I've read a lot of them, this was the system I had for checking what I think is a "good" blog
Liz: well
Liz: you sound like Hitler
Liz: so there
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: bummer
Liz: haha, exactly
BigDog6700: didn't mean to...
BigDog6700: it's just a system
BigDog6700: a system!
Liz: well
Liz: you don't present it that way
Liz: it sounds like "I won't read it if they suck"
Liz: "and don't bother asking me to"
Liz: instead of "I hate reading them for this reason"
Liz: "and here's my system of figuring out what i like and what's interesting to me"
Liz: anyway
Liz: whatever
Liz: just saying
Liz: I would cry if I'd asked you to read my blog and then it broke that system
Liz: hehe
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: well
BigDog6700: the only two things that I said make a blog "suck" is when you just write loooong yammering pages upon pages about your day
(like just talking about what you did) or writing like once or twice than quitting

Liz: well
Liz: I'm just saying
Liz: if Hitler had a blog
Liz: ...
BigDog6700: what?!
Liz: haha, I'm kidding
BigDog6700: I said I liked two of them!
Liz: I just think you sound a bit, er, authoritative
BigDog6700: and the other ones I said just didn't interest me
BigDog6700: GRUMP!
Liz: well, think about that poor boy that you used as an example of boring
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: Alex's?
Liz: whoever
BigDog6700: he agreed with me
Liz: probably only out of embarrassment
BigDog6700: and said that he basically just liked to post reviews on his CDs
Liz: also, sometimes people need to just write about their days as a diary kind of deal
Liz: and you can learn a lot about them by what they think is important to mention as part of their day
BigDog6700: yah
BigDog6700: I guess
Liz: haha, I'm done now
Liz: just giving you a hard time
BigDog6700: it just doesn't make for particularly amazing reading that's all
BigDog6700: which is wy I try my best to avoid myself in my blog
Liz: I like the ones about your day far better than the ones about things you find online
BigDog6700: I only write about my day when it's particularly interesting or if I can tie it to something
BigDog6700: or when I'm out of time and need to cop out
Liz: well, I always like hearing about it because it makes me feel like I know more about your life
BigDog6700: I guess that's why I'd read someone who I didn't know's blog
BigDog6700: but my friends all do pretty much the same things
Liz: gotcha
BigDog6700: so I never really hear anything new and I assume they don't want to hear about my day either
BigDog6700: like
BigDog6700: the one four page paper I wrote on my day certainly was a different perspective deal
BigDog6700: it was meant to make you see a day from my point of view
BigDog6700: but that one also kinda devolved into a ramble
Liz: ah
Liz: well
Liz: I don't mind rambles
Liz: just computer words I don't understand
BigDog6700: :- P
BigDog6700: the main reason I avoid ramblems is because 9 out of the 10 webcomics I read all have some form of rant/ramble at the bottom
BigDog6700: and those, to me, are just a tad tiresome to slog through
Liz: gotcha
BigDog6700: mind if I post portion of our conversation?
Liz: haha, nope
BigDog6700: cool
BigDog6700: at least I got another perspective

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 26, 2004 09:53 PM

what about those of us who dont like to read long IM conversations, huh Hitler??

well i read it anyways so w/e.

Posted by: louie a at October 26, 2004 10:05 PM
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