October 25, 2004

All sources say: Writing a blog: Hard.

     So as of late, this whole "blog" thing seems to be catching on. Several other people I know have been signing up to start making blogs. All of whom, much to their dissapointment, I informed that I would not begin reading until they had updated daily for one whole month. The main reasons I do this is to make sure that they are dedicated to making a concious effort to writing their blog (aka it's not just a fling for show) and two: to see what the general trend of their writing will be. Because after one month, they will be writing as they will probably write for the rest of their blog's "life."
     Take, for example, my good friend Rebecca T. She has been doing her blog for quite sometime. It is quite good when she gets the chance to update (which can be often, but not often enough), she updates with a goodly amount of material that tells me about what she's been up to and how her life is going. She keeps her blogs here, and here (Don't ask why there are two, there just are). Another person who as a blog (and who has had it for a while) is my friend Alex H. Alex's blog differs from Rebecca's quite a bit. Mainly, it reads like it was written while smoking pot. Not that this nessecarily makes the blog bad, but it certainly makes it different. It also describes alex on a more, day to day level. he doesn't nessecarily describe anything outside of it, so I don't particularly find it interesting. Then here's another one that sounds reads like it was written on pot, but this time it is pleasantly lucid, and says things like: "Have a Wonka bar" instead of comment. And to tell the number or people who have commented? "X people have found the golden ticket!" It really has a creative flair about it. Then you have the "newbies." These are people like Felipe or Adam. They are the ones who did it on a whim and I have a hard time imagining keeping it up very long. I already know that Adam did not complete his "once daily" for a month goal, and Felipe just started three days ago. Adam's and Felipe's.
     OH MAN! I almost forgot the most import blog of all! One which really got me started on writing my blog. I call him a vetran of blog writing, but unfortunately he let his blog die as of late. He restarted it as a "photo blog" but I don't like it quite as much. Anyway, the last entry he posted which goes towards the title is here. Anyway, yes, it is Louie A's blog, and silly little random entries like: this, this, and this. And he also had really funny reviews and crap like this. Made me think that writing a blog could be funny and make people want to read. Anyway, Louie's blog is the god of blogs, don't think that mine is better, it's just full of flavor whereas his is full of awesomeness.
     So anyway, that's my thoughts on blogs, and here's just some neat thigs that have happened to me as of late:
I keep getting these in the mail, but I've never complained about bad service or anything of the sort... I wonder why? (Note, I've blocked out most of this to prevent it's abuse of being re-printed)

And look! Old Navy wants me to have my own Credit Card! They even put my name on it!

That's all for tonight, g'night!

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 25, 2004 11:08 PM

the pizza "oops" coupons are probably just a con to make you give plain-jane coupons a double take.

Posted by: louie a at October 26, 2004 06:39 PM
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