November 21, 2004

My life is dull

     Well all of today was spent doing homework and working on and homework, so not a whole lot interesting to report. I'm thinking about getting a new computer very soon, because a game that I actually give a rat's ass about is coming out. Yes you guessed it:
     Half-Life 2. Yes, after three patient years this orgasmically awesome looking game is coming out and dear god do I want it. Now most people say to me: "Kit, if you want it so much, why don't you just download it?" Well to those people I have three things to say:
1) Fuck you.
2) This is a studio that I actually feel like supporting, and you know what? If you like a game a whole lot and you want more games like it to come out in the near future, you'll buy the game legit and make sure that some programmer gets to eat for a week.
3) People who wanted download the game are the reason it took so long to come out in the first place. Someone really wanted the game and so he installed a keylogger on one of the main bosses computers. That caused most of the engine to be re-written. Time? 6 months. Next, one of the key programmers leaked a very early beta version of the game, causing another need for engine re-writes. Time? One year. (note: this is the reason for #1)
     People nowadays need to learn one of two things. Patience (HA! HAAHAHAHA! Like you fucktards will ever learn patience), or to participate in the actual construction process (Oh right, only about 1000 people could plausibly participate, max... so scratch that one). In other words there's really no solution to the problem, it's just something you'll have to learn to deal with because you know what? People will never be able to wait for it, or some fucked-up idiot programmer will decide to show off "his" cool new program to his friends and accidentially send it to everyone on the planet. So in otherwords, I choose to wait and support the studios which release products I enjoy whereas most of America chooses to recieve quick and stupid satisfaction and in the end actually wait longer than if they had just waited out ther first period. Hey! That sounds kinda similar to Les Miserables. Where Jean Valjean tries to escape twice and triples the length of his sentence? That's you America.

Posted by Kickmyassman at November 21, 2004 10:35 PM
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