November 22, 2004

A sign that made me think...

     So as I was alking home today, I saw a sign that I've seen a million times before, and I'll see it a million times again. It was a tiny sign that read: Drive with care, walk with caution. Now certainly this seems like a logical sign to put up and try to meekly suggest that people should take responsibility for their actions. And you know what? People don't want to take responsibility. Now as much as it seems like people want their independance, what people really want is to be controlled to the dime. For every action to be regulated, and then some. What the really want, is to not know that they are being regulated. They want everything to be safe and secure and controlled, and yet still feel as if they have free will. That way, they can just blame it on the system when anything goes wrong. Now really, we all know this isn't blantantly true, but it is subconciously true. Think about it:
     How many times have you been experimenting and when it turned out what you were doing was wrong or what you were doing hurt someone else? I'm sure more than once. And what did you do when it turned out to be unfavorable? You blamed it on someone else. What was your last resort? To let the blame fall on yourself. What people want is to make sure that any mistakes they make are planned, or planned for, so that when they make the mistake there are no negative consequences.
     Now, of course, at this point I've just fallen into the usual psycho-babble that makes these conversations so interesting. This is a simple truth: Of course everyone wants full freedoms with no negative consequences! Who wouldn't?! But of course there's only two ways to achieve this:
1) To have a completely identical and regulated society that everyone makes the same mistakes at the same points. That way you can feel like you have freedom, because you make you own decisions, but really, those decisions will be planned for so they can plan how to react to them.
2) To have death and destruction in the streets so that no one has to follow laws.
     Of course neither of these are possibilities, and so people will of course have to shelve some responsibility for their actions so that they pay a price for mistakes. Which really, if anything, is something I'm willing to do. And as my wonderous quote (or rather, Mitch's wonderous quote) says (which clearly states my opinion on the matter): "One who is willing to sacrifice a little privacy & freedom for security deserves neither." -Ben Franklin My thought is either one or the other. I like my freedom and my thoughts. Unfortunately, too much of America is willing to sacrifice their freedom for security. Now before you bash me for saying that security is unimportant here's my thoughts on the matter: There is a big difference between security and saftey and freedom. Three completely different things. But they do have a conflict with one another. Having too much security inflicts upon freedom. Having to much saftey inflicts upon freedom. And having too much freedom inflicts upon saftey and security. Certainly there needs to be restrictions on freedom for saftey reasons. For example you shouldn't be able to scream "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theatre. But there shouldn't be so many saftey regulations that inflicts upon daily living. Unless, of course, that means that it takes loger to design and build your cars or grills. But I think that the degree of security that we have right now is outrageous. You do realize that we've given the government rights to unreasonable search and seizure don't you? Well we have, and you know what? As long as America is piss rasist and stupid we will continue to sacrifice freedom for security. And in my opinion it's not worth it.

Posted by Kickmyassman at November 22, 2004 06:35 PM

Hey kit, okay. On this entry, I gotta just say wow. Although I don't really agree with all you're saying, this is an extremely well-put together arguement. It makes sense, and you give ample support for your arguement. So, in closing,

Kit's writing= t eh awes om e

Posted by: Sam at November 23, 2004 03:10 PM
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